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  • 68 pythons found in Florida Python Challenge snake hunt

    That might not seem like a success, considering roughly 1,600 people signed up for the state-sponsored Python Challenge that ended Sunday, but Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the hunt may have prevented thousands more pythons from being born in the Everglades.

  • Escaped grizzly cub: How did "Booboo" escape?

    An escaped grizzly cub was spotted roaming a wooded area near Naples, Fla. yesterday. The 125-pound grizzly cub "Booboo" escaped from a facility Tuesday afternoon.

  • Giant eyeball mystery solved: Experts say it belonged to swordfish (+video)

    Though some had also suggested it came from a deep-sea squid, experts contacted by LiveScience lean toward a swordfish as the likely eyeball owner.

  • Ex-NASA astronaut killed in jet ski accident

    Alan Poindexter, a former US Navy captain and two-time shuttle astronaut, died in a jet ski accident in Pensacola, Florida, NASA said.

  • Rare crocodile found by Florida woman

    Rare crocodile found by Florida woman

    Rare crocodile: The shy and reclusive animals are so rare in central or northern Florida that a wildlife official didn't initially believe Shondra Farner when she called to report the crocodile on the bank of a lake in a gated community in St. Petersburg.

  • In Pictures Giant reptiles

    An unidentified hunter subdues a giant 21-foot, 2,370-pound saltwater crocodile in Bunawan, Philippines, on Sept. 3. The crocodile is suspected of having attacked several people.

  • In Pictures Mysterious manatees

    Manatees are gentle and slow-moving; most of their time is spent eating 100 to 150 pounds of vegetation per day. Nicknamed the sea cow, the manatee is a mammal similar in size to a small whale, its natural habitat is off the coast of Florida. During the winter months, the large creatures spend time near natural warm springs.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 11/23

    An Iraqi woman is kissed by a nun at a funeral for two slain Christian brothers in Mosul, 225 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq. Gunmen shot and killed two Christian brothers Monday in a northern Iraqi city in the latest in a spate of attacks targeting the religious minority, Iraqi police said. A lawmaker called on Iraq's government Tuesday to better protect its dwindling Christian community and lambasted other nations that have offered asylum to fleeing Christians as meddling in Iraq's problems.

  • Snow in Florida: Big chill culling unwanted iguanas and pythons

    Snow in Florida: Big chill culling unwanted iguanas and pythons

    The more pythons gone the better, says a Florida wildlife official. But snow and unusual cold are also straining survival of native species like sea turtles and snook in the tropical Sunshine State.

  • Peacocks become a colorful problem in Florida

    Peacocks become a colorful problem in Florida

    Some Florida neighborhoods are overrun with peacocks, but not all agree that the colorful birds should be removed.