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  • Forget the World Cup: Germany beats Brazil in markets, too.

    Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semi-final on Tuesday, but Germany is also winning in the markets. Germany's equity, currency, and government bond markets have also been surpassing Brazil.

  • Janet Yellen: Fed doesn't need to start raising interest rates

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said while there are 'pockets' of increased risk-taking, there isn't a need for the Fed to start raising interest rates. Yellen disputed criticism that the Fed had contributed to the 2008 financial crisis by keeping rates too low in the 2000s.

  • BofA: Settlement of $9.33 billion reached in FHFA lawsuit

    BofA settlement: Bank of America will settle with the Federal Housing Finance Agency for $9.33 billion in a lawsuit over its sales of mortgage securities to Fannie and Freddie in 2011. 

  • Tax VOX House members eye internet sales tax issue

    The House Judiciary Committee is taking a closer look at the thorny issue of an internet sales tax today, while Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is set to testify before the Senate Budget Committee about revenue proposals in President Barack Obama's fiscal 2015 budget.

  • Tax VOX Camp's tax plan would create new challenges for states

    House Ways and Means Chair Dave Camp’s recent tax reform plan would raise the cost of doing business for many state and local governments, but Camp’s plan also includes some less obvious changes that could increase state income tax revenues.

  • Stock market jitters: After last year's record run, are you surprised? (+video)

    Stock market indices are down so far this year, and some analysts see both stocks and bonds as overvalued, while others look to the Fed's 'taper' and the pressures on emerging markets.

  • Puerto Rico downgraded: Bonds reduced to 'junk' levels

    Puerto Rico credit rating was dpwngraded to 'junk' status, prompting Governor Padilla to order budget cuts for government agencies. News of Puerto Rico's credit being downgraded caused its yields on the S&P 500 to rise Wednesday.

  • Morgan Stanley lawsuit settled for $1.25 billion

    Morgan Stanley lawsuit over mortgage securities with the Federal Housing Finance Agency was settled for $1.25 billion, the company said Tuesday. The Morgan Stanley lawsuit was part of a larger one in which the government sued 18 financial firms for selling mortgage securities that turned toxic when the housing market collapsed.

  • Dow Jones falls more than 320 points as stocks slide

    Stocks tumbled Monday, pushing the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 320 points. Reports of sluggish US growth and investor worries about the global economy pulled stocks down. 

  • Volcker rule: what you need to know

    The revamped Volcker Rule, a centerpiece of the Dodd-Frank Act meant to rein in the sort of risky trading that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis, passed Tuesday morning.  Here's how the Volcker rule will affect investing.