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Topic: Federal Aviation Administration

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  • What could happen to JetBlue passenger who ticked off Steve Slater?

    JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater faces criminal charges for deploying the plane's emergency chute. But the passenger blamed for setting off his tirade could also face charges or fines.
    08/12/2010 07:00 pm

  • Flight attendant's job: Harder than it used to be?

    Flight attendants, including JetBlue's now-famous Steven Slater, often deal with annoyed or irate passengers. But the climate in which they work is more stressful than it used to be, experts say.
    08/11/2010 04:43 pm

  • Top 5 most stressful jobs

    JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater – who quit and made a dramatic exit down an aircraft emergency slide on Aug. 9 – is the latest symbol of stress on the job. But he's hardly alone. With more employees electronically tethered to their jobs 24/7, greater competition in the workplace for fewer jobs due to a sluggish economy, and other factors may create more job-related anxiety. On the other hand, some of the jobs considered most stressful are also the most coveted. Here's a short list of the most stressful jobs of 2010, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and
    08/11/2010 04:34 pm

  • Editorial Board Blog Jet Blue, Steven Slater, and the future of airline courtesy

    Airline passengers once enjoyed hot meals served on china. But prices were far higher then too. A little common courtesy can make today's in-flight experience more pleasant, if no longer luxurious.
    08/11/2010 02:26 pm

  • Lesson from JetBlue attendant meltdown: overhead bins are sacred

    With airlines charging for checked baggage, the scramble for overhead bin space can get heated – as was apparently the case Monday, when one tussle led a JetBlue attendant to start hurling profanities at a passenger.
    08/10/2010 09:00 pm

  • Ted Stevens and eight others on board plane that crashed in Alaska

    Ted Stevens, former US Senator from Alaska, was one of nine people on board the plane that went down in the southwest part of the 49th state.
    08/10/2010 01:23 pm

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/10
  • Phoenix plane crash results in fatality

    Phoenix plane crash caused a fire at an industrial building near the airport. Police say the aircraft involved in the Phoenix plane crash belonged to a local company.
    08/04/2010 01:11 pm

  • Chelsea Clinton wedding will be a no-fly zone

    Chelsea Clinton, her family, and other VIPs attending the wedding will prompt the FAA to declare a no-fly zone 90 minutes north of New York City.
    07/29/2010 05:31 pm

  • Global News Blog China UFO spotted again. Why skepticism is warranted.

    China UFO sightings continued Thursday in the eastern part of the country. Last week, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou closed for two hours when an unidentified object hovered over the skies.
    07/16/2010 01:08 pm

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