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  • British PM Cameron visits Boston, offers condolences

    British Prime Minister David Cameron, accompanied by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, visited the Boston Marathon bombings memorial on Tuesday morning to offer his condolences and discuss lessons that can be learned from the deadly bombings.

  • The Monitor's View Ethical consumers and the Bangladesh building collapse

    More consumers act out of empathy after tragedies like the collapse of the Bangladesh garment factory building, forcing global companies to shape up their suppliers in other lands.

  • Missoni founder dies, leaves Italian fashion dynasty (+video)

    Missoni founder dies: The patriarch of the iconic fashion brand of zigzag-patterned knitwear, Ottavio Missoni, passed on. The Missoni fashions have a reputation for wearability and for surviving many seasons of changing fashion whims

  • 'Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted': 8 stories from the making of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

    Writer Jennifer Keishin Armstrong explores what happened behind the scenes of legendary sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Here are eight stories from her book.

  • Wearable computers: Marty McFly, meet your jacket

    Clothing will not just be embedded with devices, but actually will be devices, from belly band fetal monitors to shirts that charge your cell phone to dresses that release insecticide on command.

  • Tiffany v. Costco!? Dispute in New York court.

    Tiffany-Costco dispute is over trademark of 'Tiffany ring.' New York judge asks Tiffany, Costco to try to settle their multimillion-dollar dispute. 

  • Airline lipstick ban: Is red lipstick unIslamic?

    Airline lipstick ban: Turkey's national airline banned red lipstick and nail polish for its flight attendants. The ban is prompting a backlash among some secular Turks.

  • Modern Parenthood Dolls look better without makeup; now if only we could buy them that way

    What does a doll look like before she gets all, well, dolled up? Sickly, according to an image circulated around the Internet earlier in April. But artist Nickolay Lamm did his own investigation and found dolls without makeup are actually rather pretty.

  • N.J. school board: Fearing wardrobe malfunction, distraction, strapless dress ban stays

    The New Jersey school district decided that a controversial strapless dress ban imposed by a junior high principal will stay in place. The middle school principal said strapless dresses were too distracting for boys, but the school board worried about wardrobe malfunctions.

  • The top 11 promposals in 2013

    It's prom season. What's your prom proposal/promposal going to be?What? Wait wait wait, hold on. You're telling me you didn't write an original song, choreograph a routine for it, and present it flash mob-style to your dream high school prom date? Well, listen up rookie, you've got a lot to learn. Promposals these days are elaborately produced mating rituals — think of Planet Earth's Birds of Paradise and mash it up with your favorite episode of Glee. Then upload it to YouTube because this isn't about your exuberant manifestation of true love, it's about that special someone. Don't they deserve Internet fame? Sometimes done well enough to gain national attention – I'm looking at you Kate Upton fan –  sometimes too cringeworthy to view, here are 11 promposals you need to consider before planning your own.