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  • Libya crisis: neighbors brace as tide of refugees rises

    Nearly 50,000 people have crossed Libya’s eastern border into Egypt, but the real crisis is on the western border with Tunisia, where refugees keep arriving as fighting intensifies.
    02/28/2011 02:00 pm

  • 7 books to help you understand Libya

    What to read for background on Libya? The shelves of English-language libraries and bookstores are not exactly crammed with options. However, there are a handful of works – from histories to fiction to travel literature – which offer a good general grounding in the country's background and culture. Here, at least for starters, are some interesting suggestions.
    02/23/2011 11:57 am

  • South Sudan set to join ranks of five of the world's newest countries

    The South Sudan referendum ended with an overwhelming vote for independence – 99.57 percent of those polled voted for it – and put the region officially on track to become independent in July. How often is a country born? (Or wrested from territory of an already existing one?) Here’s a look at five of the most recent declarations of independence:
    02/08/2011 02:27 pm

  • Opinion Sudan, after the breakup: Can violence be prevented?

    The Jan. 9 referendum vote in Sudan is expected to result in the South seceding from the North. This may alleviate conflict in the region but also renew violence, threatening regional and global security. Egypt and the US must support economic growth and compromise to prevent escalation.
    01/07/2011 11:39 am

  • Africa Monitor WikiLeaks documents roil Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa

    Embarrassing US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks have put leaders in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa in the hot seat.
    12/09/2010 08:35 am

  • World Toilet Day: Top 10 nations lacking toilets

    See a lot of people squatting in the open today? Don't be offended. The so-called "big squat" was held worldwide to coincide with the 10th annual World Toilet Day, an initiative to bring awareness to the need for adequate sanitary facilities. Every day, some 1.1 billion people go to the bathroom without any type of toilet, according to the World Health Organization. And even with a toilet, facilities are not necessarily sanitary. WaterAid America estimates that roughly 2.5 billion people – nearly 40 percent of the global population – do their business unsafely, often in public spaces. World Toilet Day is organized by the Singapore-based World Toilet Organization, which has 235 member organizations in 58 countries "working toward eliminating the toilet taboo and delivering sustainable sanitation." Here's a list of the world's worst nations in terms of people lacking access to sanitary facilities.
    11/19/2010 05:08 pm

  • Press Freedom Index: The top 10 worst countries

    Syria, Rwanda, and Yemen have fallen to the bottom of the World Press Freedom Index, the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders said today. The three countries join other single-party dominated governments at the bottom of the annual index, while six democratic Northern European nations tied this year as the best places for media freedom. Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland have ranked at the top since the index was created in 2002, Reporters Without Borders Secretary-General Jean-François Julliard said in a statement. "The defense of media freedom continues to be a battle, a battle of vigilance in the democracies of old Europe and a battle against oppression and injustice in the totalitarian regimes still scattered across the globe," he said. Click through the following slides to read about the 10 lowest-ranking nations.
    10/20/2010 05:31 pm

  • Africa Monitor Rwanda is no US when it comes to press freedom – but it's also no Somalia

    Rwanda got a bit of a raw deal to be ranked near the bottom of Reporters Without Borders' annual press freedom list this year, says guest blogger Jina Moore.
    10/20/2010 04:29 pm

  • Genetic study uncovers wild ass ancestor of donkey

    Genetic research has confirmed has confirmed one of two wild ass ancestors for the donkey, while raising questions about the second ancestor. The research also offers further evidence domestication took place in Africa.
    07/30/2010 05:56 pm

  • Uganda bombings bring Africa together. Except Eritrea.

    African leaders called for tougher measures against Islamist extremists in Somalia in the wake of the July 11 Uganda bombings. Eritrea is pushing for talks instead.
    07/29/2010 12:58 pm

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