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  • Opinion Is GOP at war with women? 4 points to keep in mind on the gender gap

    To hear all the buzz, Republicans are at war with women and “hemorrhaging the women’s vote.” A reality check is certainly in order. Here are four points Republicans should keep in mind as they look to bridge the gender gap and chart a winning path to November.

  • Opinion How GOP can win more women voters

    Let Democrats waste their energies trying to woo women on 'reproductive rights.' They will shore up their base and alienate the middle. Republicans can win more women voters and bridge the gender gap by focusing on what is most important to women in 2012: jobs and the economy.

  • In Pictures Conservative America: The big shift right

    A man signs a message board at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Over the past four decades – and more sharply over just the past few years – the geopolitical center of America has shifted rightward. The center of debate has edged closer to the conservative position, while activists on the right have moved even further out on the political spectrum.

  • Betty Ford to Michelle Obama: How seven first ladies have changed the office

    Betty Ford to Michelle Obama: How seven first ladies have changed the office

    Former presidents, politicians, and the family of former first lady Betty Ford gathered today in Palm Springs, Calif., to celebrate her life. Mrs. Ford, who died Friday, is remembered for her honest demeanor and dedication to equal rights. Since her husband's presidency, Betty Ford has passed the mantle of first lady to six other women. Here are the contributions each made:

  • Opinion For women's career equality: parent-friendly work, Equal Rights Amendment

    To break glass ceilings, feminists of the past put career above all else. But a new generation of feminists isn't willing to sacrifice family for work. Instead, they're lobbying to make workplaces more family friendly.

  • Mad as Hell

    Mad as Hell

    British historian Dominic Sandbrook takes an engaging look at the US in the 1970s, seeking for connections between an era of lagging American self-confidence and the rise of today's right wing.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Readers write about separatist provinces, presidential leadership, the Equal Rights Amendment, and cellphones on airplanes.