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  • Horizons Google Chrome OS lives on with big update, new hardware

    The latest version of Google's cloud-centric Chrome OS resembles a "regular" desktop operating system in a lot of ways. The revamp, and new Chromebook and Chromebox hardware from Samsung, show how much Chrome OS has matured in the three years since its inception.

  • Horizons Samsung, reigning smart phone champ, preps Galaxy S III

    The Galaxy S III is set to debut in the US in June. What will it mean for Samsung? 

  • Horizons Samsung unveils the Galaxy S III

    Samsung unveiled its latest flagship Android phone at a "Mobile Unpacked" event in London on Thursday. The handset features an 8-megapixel camera and some nifty "natural interaction" features, all running on "Ice Cream Sandwich," the latest Android operating system.

  • Switching from a Mac to a PC: Five lessons from an Apple fanboy

    The Internet is filled with testimonials of people ditching their PC for a hip new Mac. Where once they trudged through stodgy spreadsheets, they now write screenplays and edit flashy videos (if the ads are to be believed). But there's almost no material documenting the opposite experience. Most of the personal switching-to-Windows stories are many years out of date and center around now-obsolete "But you can't play games and none of your software will work!" arguments.So, here are the top five things an Apple fanboy learned from two months using Windows.

  • Apple's new iPad brings 4G, better camera, more pixels than an HDTV

    Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad in San Francisco Wednesday afternoon, calling it the "poster child of the post-PC world." With 4G LTE wireless, Retina display, and a high-definition camera, Apple's third tablet is no doubt the best iPad yet. But can it hold back the tide of Android competitors?

  • Horizons PlayStation Vita review roundup

    The PlayStation Vita handheld gaming platform launches this week. So how good is Sony's latest gadget? 

  • Horizons Samsung Galaxy S III: Can 'the best Android' phone pull off a sequel?

    The Samsung Galaxy S III will launch later this year, Samsung reps said in a statement. 

  • Horizons Droid Razr Maxx review roundup

    The Droid Razr Maxx hit shelves this week. So how does the latest Droid phone stack up to its competitors? 

  • Horizons Nokia Lumia 710 review roundup

    Nokia has launched a new budget Windows phone. So how does the Lumia 710 fare against its competitors? 

  • Kids tablets: Five touch-screen computers for the nine-and-under set

    Kids tablets: Five touch-screen computers for the nine-and-under set

    If Mom and Dad want to use an an iPad, why shouldn't Junior get a tablet computer, too? Many parents appear to be following that line of reasoning, judging by the popularity of tablet-style toys and gadgets this holiday season. Not that everyone loves the idea. Many child-development experts say it's best for kids not to have too much "screen time" each day, for one thing. At the same time, there's a long tradition of kids using gadgets modeled on those used by adults. For shoppers weighing a purchase, here's a look at five options that have been reviewed by Consumer Reports or other reviewers.