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  • Top 10 states for clean tech

    Clean Edge, a clean-tech research and advisory firm based in San Francisco and Portland, has ranked states for their leadership in clean tech. Here are its Top 10 picks:

  • US energy in five maps (infographics)

    America has a lot of energy. Saxum, an Oklahoma City-based advertising and communications firm, has developed a portrait of the country's vast oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, and other resources (click each image for a larger version):  

  • Energy Voices US eases natural gas glut with second export terminal (+video)

    The Energy Department authorizes a second US terminal to export liquefied natural gas (LNG), ending months of speculation. LNG exports boost the prospects for domestic natural gas drillers and should help key allies, but they're also likely to boost prices for US consumers and manufacturers and they raise environmental concerns.

  • Energy Voices Nigeria oil production slides amid unrest

    Nigeria relies almost exclusively on its energy sector for export earnings and 75 percent of federal government revenue, Graeber writes, but a long record of corruption, militancy and banditry has clouded Nigeria's oil prospects.

  • Energy Voices What determines energy abundance? Flow.

    Energy abundance depends entirely on the rate of the flow of oil, gas and other resources, Cobb writes. It is not, as many suggest, dependent on supposed, but often unverified, fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

  • Pressure mounting on US to export natural gas

    As US gas supplies grow, companies are eager to export natural gas. Should US let the market operate or continue preserving natural gas for domestic use only?

  • Energy Voices Will high natural gas prices increase coal use?

    As the price of natural gas rises, coal consumption will increase both domestically and internationally to meet rising electricity demand during the next several decades, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration.

  • Energy Voices Ernest Moniz: Where would he take Energy Department?

    If confirmed as energy secretary, Ernest Moniz would take over the department during a time of fiscal austerity and controversy over failed investments in clean-energy companies. Mr. Moniz's confirmation hearing Tuesday hinted at a renewed focus on the agency's research and development roots.

  • Energy Voices How North Sea oil helped Margaret Thatcher

    While Margaret Thatcher was reforming Britain's economy, new oil discoveries in the North Sea were turning the nation into an energy powerhouse. The surge in resources and employment softened the oil-price shocks of the late 1970s and helped Prime Minister Thatcher pull the country out of economic stagnation.

  • Change Agent How Ontario is putting an end to coal-burning power plants

    Ontario is on the verge of becoming the first industrial region in North America to eliminate all coal-fired electrical generation. Here’s how Canada’s most populous province did it – and what the US can learn from it.