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  • Energy Voices Wholesale power: bankruptcies and lessons

    The possible bankruptcy of Energy Future Holdings shows how tough it is to make profits in wholesale power – or finance new coal plants. The fracking revolution is reshaping the energy landscape.

  • Energy Voices Who will clean up after the nuclear plants?

    Older US nuclear power plants built are coming to the end of their operational lives as their operating licenses expire, Daly writes. So, where to store the nuclear waste?

  • Energy Voices Misunderstanding coal in Europe

    Every ton of emissions from American coal burned in Europe means that a ton won’t be burned in a country like China – or even the United States – where emissions are uncapped, Holland writes.

  • Energy Voices State of the Union address: Will Obama back coal?

    While commitment to fully implementing 21st Century coal-based electricity seems to have wavered from the Obama administration, Tracey writes, American ingenuity and know-how will continue to produce major developments in clean coal technologies for years to come.

  • 5 big losers in press freedom: Mali and ... Japan?

    The annual World Press Freedom Index released today shows gains for Myanmar and others. Japan tumbled due to an informal ban placed on independent coverage of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. Here are five of the notable winners and losers on this year’s list.

  • In Gear Automakers turn to wind, solar to power plants

    With GM using solar at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant and Volkswagen recently unveiling a huge solar array at its Chattanooga plant, Honda is next to display its green credentials--with wind turbines at its Ohio transmission factory, Ingram writes.

  • A state divided: Uranium mining in Virginia?

    Vast uranium deposits in Virginia could make for extremely profitable mining. Opponents fiercely argue mining could lead to an environmental disaster, or water contamination. Lawmakers are expected to take the matter up in this session.

  • Energy Voices The right way to fail in cleantech

    Failure is inevitable in the transition to cleantech, Stuebi writes, but there's a right and a wrong way to fail in cleantech.

  • Energy Voices Global warming skeptics: What do they have to fear?

    Global warming skeptics worry environmentalism may cripple economies with assorted misguided energy-related boondoggles, Finley writes. Anti-nuclear environmentalists, Finley adds, have increased electric bills and greenhouse gas emissions, over fears of global warming.

  • Senate freshmen: What the 14 new members bring to Capitol Hill

    A freshman Senate class was sworn in Jan. 3, bringing diverse skills and experience – not to mention agendas – to the legislative body. Whether the 14 newest senators help break partisan gridlock, or refuse to work across the aisle, will be the test for the 113th Congress.Twelve were elected on Nov. 6, including three Republicans, eight Democrats, and an independent. In addition, a Republican and a Democrat were appointed to vacant seats after the election. Here is a look at the 14 and what they bring to the Senate: