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  • How FBI traced Tarek Mehanna in his quest to become a jihadi

    How FBI traced Tarek Mehanna in his quest to become a jihadi

    Informants helped the FBI track Tarek Mehanna to the Middle East in search of terrorist training, according to government documents. Agents also copied his computer hard drive.

  • Gallery Rising seas

    This photo from 2007 shows a man and woman looking at the city skyline from a coastal defense breakwater in Alexandria, Egypt. Sea levels rising because of global warming, along with increased storminess as the climate changes, will expose tens of millions of people in the world's port cities to coastal flooding, says a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

  • In Pictures Coral

    A macro view of hard coral in Malaysia is seen here. Corals are marine organisms that often live in colonies of many identical individuals. Coral is formed from a myriad of polyps, which can be a few millimeters in diameter. They are genetically identical and reproduce asexually, but can also breed by spawning. Corals are major contributors to the structure of reefs that grow in tropical and subtropical water. Many species need sunlight to grow and are found in shallow water, though other species can live in the deeper, colder waters.

  • In Pictures Sailing photos from around the world

    Sailboats race during the start of the 2009 Bayview Mackinac Race at Port Huron, Michigan, on July 25.

  • Photos of the Day 1008

    Spectators watch a traditional pig race at the Swiss agriculture fair OLMA in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on Thursday.

  • Photos of the Day 1001

    Venezuela's fans cheer during their U-20 World Cup Group B soccer match against Spain at the al-Salam Stadium in al-Obour, Egypt, on Thursday.

  • Barbs fly at UN Security Council over Gaza report

    Israeli-Palestinian animosity on display over war-crime findings of Gaza report. Human Rights Council is next stop.

  • Opinion Why defeating the Taliban is key to stopping Al Qaeda

    Only in Afghanistan and Pakistan have we seen jihadism actually take root in large numbers.

  • Horizons Google to roll out online bookstore by 2010

    Google Editions, which was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, could dig into a market historically dominated by Amazon.

  • What needs to be solved for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

    What needs to be solved for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

    Fatah agreed Wednesday to an Egyptian-backed deal, but tension over the Goldstone report and deep distrust have left many skeptical.