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  • Horizons How Peter Carl Fabergé is the Steve Jobs of bejeweled eggs

    Google is celebrating the 166th birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé, whose ornate eggs made him the Steve Jobs of his day. But with eggs instead of consumer electronics. 

  • 10 great summer cars

    Wind in your hair, sun in your face – the summer drive is as classic a pastime as barbecues and baseball.  For dedicated sun-seekers, the right machine can make all the difference, and since most of us can’t afford the demi-convertible Maybach Landaulet limousine, here are 10 fun-loving new models sure to keep a summer smile on your face.  Climb into one of these this season, and you’ll be happy to keep driving duties for yourself.

  • The beach: sun, sand, and inequality in the Dominican Republic

    Urban, man-made beaches are popping up around the world, but they serve as a reminder of the inequality that can prohibit low-income residents from traveling to parts of their own countries.

  • Suicide car bombing kills 38 in Nigeria on Easter Sunday

    Authorities believe the attacker was trying to detonate explosives near churches holding Easter services on Sunday.

  • A northern Iraqi Easter

    Fears for the future remain within Iraq's devastated Christian community, but there were glimmers of hope this Easter.

  • Eat Peeps? Nah. Decorate!

    Marshmallow Peeps are an Easter basket staple, and their popularity goes far beyond their taste. Here's a peek at Peeps craft. 

  • Are you a Peeps fanatic? Take our quiz.

    Peeps, the little marshmallow chicks with the brightly colored sugar coatings, have been a staple of American Easter baskets for generations. In celebration of Easter, test your knowledge of the world's cutest marshmallow candy with our Peeps trivia quiz. What state do Peeps call home? How many Peeps are in a sleeve? Which teen heartthrob got pelted with Peeps on national television? Click below to find out.

  • What does Easter have to do with the moon anyway?

    Traditionally, Easter is observed on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere.

  • Stir It Up! Ham and corn chowder

    A chowder that makes perfect use of leftover Easter ham.

  • Walter Rodgers Faith tourist: From Easter at the Vatican to a South Pacific church

    My fascination with religious observances is ecumenical. I have recited my 'Allahu Akbars,' been blessed at Easter by the pope in St. Peter's Square, and recently attended a service in the South Pacific. Everywhere, I find a universal need for contemplation and self-surrender.