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  • Opinion View from Iran: World needs rules on cyberattacks (+video)

    The US believes that cyberattacks from another country can constitute an 'act of war.' This begs the question of whether the US can unilaterally engage in an unprovoked act against Iran that, according to its own standards, is unacceptable. The world needs global rules on cyberattacks, regardless of where we live and how we think, say Iran's UN diplomats.

  • Opinion On its 150th anniversary, US Civil War matters more than ever

    The conflict between North and South stands as one of the only civil wars in human history that did not end in monarchy or dictatorship. Its lessons hold enduring value for the modern struggle to defend liberal democratic principles without compromising them in times of existential crisis.

  • Terrorism & Security Iran tests missile as Obama tests diplomacy

    Ahmadinejad said today that the Islamic Republic has a missile capable of reaching Israel. A new report says Iran could develop a simple nuclear device as early as 2010.