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  • Stocks up ahead of Federal Reserve meeting

    Stocks closed higher Monday as traders hoped the Federal Reserve will decide to continue its economic stimulus program when it meets this week. The guess that the Federal Reserve will continue to prop up the economy sent stocks up.

  • Stocks fall on disappointing economic reports

    Stocks fell Friday after disappointing reports about the US economy. Concerns that the Federal Reserve could announce plans to cut back its stimulus program next week also weighed on stocks.

  • Dow up, Nikkei down: Days of market volatility put focus on central banks

    Recent market volatility is a sign of investor unease more than of panic. Investors see a global economy struggling to develop self-sustaining momentum, five years after a financial crisis, and are uncertain what central banks plan to do next about it.

  • Stocks fall as Dow drops below 15,000

    Stocks closed lower Wednesday and the Dow Jones industrial average fell 126.79 points to close at 14,995.23. Video-game shops, restaurants, and retailers led stocks downward push.

  • Stocks drop on choppy day for Wall Street

    Stocks fell Tuesday on concerns that central banks will pull back from support for the global economy. Stocks began sliding from the opening bell, trailing markets in Asia and Europe.

  • Stocks mixed despite S&P debt upgrade

    Stocks budged higher when trading opened on Wall Street Monday, shortly after the S&P agency raised its outlook for the US government's debt rating and credited 'the strengths of the economy.' But the gains proved both modest and fickle, and stocks spent most of the day flitting between small gains and losses.

  • Stocks rise on hiring jump

    Stocks jumped Friday on news of steady growth in hiring last month. Expectation of continued economic stimulus from the Federal Reserve also pushed stocks upward. 

  • Stocks plummet. Dow drops below 15,000.

    Stocks fell sharply Wednesday and the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 14,960, the first close below 15,000 since May 6. Stocks started lower and declined steadily throughout the day.

  • Stocks slip as Federal Reserve keeps Wall Street guessing

    Stocks fell Tuesday as comments from a Federal Reserve official implied the Fed could start easing off its support for the economy soon. It was the latest volatile turn in stocks as investors try to figure out when the Fed will make a move.

  • Stocks respond well to bad economic news

    Stocks rose Monday on hopes that the Federal Reserve will continue to stimulate the economy and support a rally in stocks. Weak economic reports helped convince investors that the Fed will hold off from slowing down its $85 billion bond-buying program.