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  • James assumes leadership role as Team USA humbles France

    LeBron James has eight assists yesterday and Kevin Durant scored 22 points as the US defeated France, 98-71, in each team's first basketball contest of the 2012 Olympic Games.

  • Opinion Love and basketball on Father's Day

    On Father's Day, I recall fond childhood memories of my dad teaching me to shoot free throws. I'd imagine I was taking a high-stakes shot for the 76ers, with seconds left. Decades later, 76ers forward Andre Iguodala found himself in that exact situation during this year's NBA playoff series.

  • NBA playoffs: 76ers beat Celtics, force Game 7

    The Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Boston Celtics, 82-75, Wednesday night at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Arena, setting the stage for a seventh and series-deciding game in Boston on Saturday.