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  • 26 people testified against Lance Armstrong

    The report on cyclist Lance Armstrong released by the US Anti-Doping Agency gave accounts of his doping from 26 witnesses, including many former teammates.

  • Across America, tributes to Neil Armstrong (+video)

    As a blue moon rose Friday, people across the country celebrated the life of Neil Armstrong, who in 1969 became the first human to set foot on the moon.

  • Did researchers spot Amelia Earhart's plane? (+video)

    Researchers on an expedition to the South Pacific to discover the fate of Amelia Earhart and her navigator say they have spotted a field of manmade debris in an underwater video taken in waters off the Republic of Kiribati.

  • Opinion This Shark Week, let's love an animal that scares us

    As Shark Week appears on the Discovery Channel for the 25th year, I have to wonder whether in another 25 years, it will air on The History Channel instead. After more than 400 million years on planet Earth, sharks are being decimated by overfishing and the lucrative trade in shark fins.

  • The Lucky Ones

    One author’s fight for farm animals.

  • Amelia Earhart: No more clues to be found?

    Google is celebrating the 115th birthday of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart on Tuesday. The group searching for remains of Earhart's disappeared plane is returning to shore.

  • Amelia Earhart: Why the mystery continues (+video)

    Today's Google Doodle honors Amelia Earhart even as the latest $2.2 million search for her plane runs afoul of a Pacific Island reef. The famous aviatrix would have been 115 today.

  • Typical CEO made $9.6 million last year

    The head of a typical public company made $9.6 million in 2011, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The typical American worker would have to labor for 244 years to make what the typical boss of a big public company makes in one.

  • Maurice Sendak: 10 tweets about the 'Wild' author and illustrator

    Children's author Maurice Sendak, creator of the darkly mischievous children's classic, "Where the Wild Things Are," has died at age 83. Mourning the loss of the beloved writer and illustrator, fans of his work took to Twitter to pay tribute to one of the most important children’s book writers of the 20th century. Take a look at some of the top tweets from the worlds of literature, film and beyond that celebrate the life Maurice Sendak. 

  • Lions and humans likely collaborated in mammoth slaughter (+video)

    A recently unearthed, strawberry-blond mammoth specimen from Siberia gives researchers new information about how humans and lions hunted.