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  • Africa asks itself: Where is the aid money?

    African nations pledged five months ago to do more to help each other when famine and disaster strike. But so far, they haven't come up with the promised cash.

  • Tiger Woods edges closer to top in Abu Dhabi tourney

    Tiger Woods shot a three under par 69 Friday in the second round of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship and is now two shots off the lead.

  • American, Dane rescued by US commandos inside Somalia

    Members of Navy SEAL Team 6, the unit that killed Osama bin Laden, rescued the hostages from pirates inside Somalia.

  • Five ways to invest in Europe – seriously

    Just because there's a sovereign debt crisis doesn't mean there's no opportunity in Europe, especially if investors are selective and defensive.

  • Stefan Karlsson Can an economy still grow with serious debt?

    A country's budget surplus and economic growth generally go hand in hand, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

  • How do key countries rank on corruption?

    How do key countries rank on corruption?

    Every year, the group Transparency International releases its Corruption Perception Index, which measures the perception of corruption – misuse of public resources, bribery, and backdoor deals, to name a few – in countries worldwide. On a scale of 0 (most corrupt) to 10 (least corrupt), no country scores a 10 and more than two-thirds of the 183 countries on the index score below a 5. The US comes in at 7.1. The index is built using data from surveys examining enforcement of anticorruption laws, tracking of public funds, kickbacks in government contracts, etc.

  • Global Viewpoint Fukushima fallout: time to quit nuclear power altogether

    Experience in northern Japan illustrates that even incremental investment in nuclear power threatens human civilization. The Fukushima disaster should once and for all drive global society away from nuclear power, and toward renewable energy.

  • Climate change warning: brace for hotter heat waves, stronger storms

    Climate change warning: brace for hotter heat waves, stronger storms

    A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projects that such events are likely to occur if greenhouse-gas emissions continue unabated.

  • The Monitor's View Keep the climate challenge in focus

    An international meeting later this month won’t take big steps, but it can hold everyone’s feet to the fire.

  • Kate Middleton: New succession rules could make her mother of Britain’s next queen

    Kate Middleton: New succession rules could make her mother of Britain’s next queen

    Kate Middleton could be the first British royal in centuries to see an eldest daughter become Queen instead of a younger brother. Under the century-old tradition of male primogeniture, if the eldest child was a girl she would only become queen if none of her younger siblings were boys. Now, with the assent of 16 countries in the Commonwealth, girls will be just as eligible as their brothers, meaning the eldest child will always ascend to the throne. The change in law, which is expected to soon be formalized in the British parliament, also lifts a ban on Catholic heirs – a move British Prime Minister David Cameron and Catholic leaders have praised. Here are five would-be queens who were leap-frogged by their brothers for the throne: