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  • As strike goes on, parent support wavers for Chicago teachers

    Signs are mounting that parent support for striking Chicago teachers, which has been strong, is eroding the longer the strike lasts. Union will decide later Tuesday whether to accept the contract that would end the strike.

  • ACs out from 'derecho' storm, Washington preps for swelter (+video)

    A powerful line of thunderstorms knocked out power to nearly 2 million homes – and perhaps as many air conditioners – in the middle of a historic June heat wave across the Eastern Seaboard.

  • The public library as community center: books, latte, yoga

    The public library branches out with new ways to bring bodies to the stacks.  Nationwide librarians are developing a community center model where visitors can do everything from drink their latte and do yoga, to speed dating and tax preparation – all while getting closer to books.

  • FDIC closes four banks. Annual total: 84 so far.

    FDIC closes four banks. Annual total: 84 so far.

    FDIC seizes banks in Georgia, Florida, and Colorado. At this point last year, the FDIC had shuttered 139 banks.

  • In Pictures How to fasten your financial seatbelt

    In a down economy, people rediscover these tried-and-true techniques for economizing that habitually frugal people practice all the time. For example, you can borrow books from the library (if you don't mind waiting for the more popular ones). You also can use the Internet, check out movies and CDs, get local free newspapers, and learn about community events.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 04/11

    The Boeoegg, a snowman made of wadding and filled with firecrackers, explodes atop a bonfire in Sechselaeuten Square in Zurich,Switzerland. As the bells of St. Peter's church chime six o'clock, the bonfire below the 'Boeoegg' is set alight and mounted guildsmen gallop around the pyre to the tune of the Sechselaeuten March. The faster the head of the 'Boeoegg' – the symbol of winter – catches fire and explodes, the warmer and more beautiful the summer will be.

  • Home sales down. But six cities defy housing gloom.

    Home sales down. But six cities defy housing gloom.

    Home sales plunged in July and housing prices may dip again. But in six metropolitan areas, the housing picture is far brighter: Home values are rising and median prices are already well ahead of their peak during the housing bubble. What allowed these metro areas to beat the downturn in home sales prices? Two are state capitols. Five have lower-than-average unemployment. All of them had undervalued real estate, even at the height of the housing boom, says Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR). When mortgage rates fell, "they had room to grow" and home sales rose. Is your city on the list? Click on the right arrow to see each metro area:

  • Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger: Today, state fairs. Tomorrow?

    The New Economy Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger: Today, state fairs. Tomorrow?

    Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger sounds atrocious, but many who've tried it become fans. Will a restaurant chain pick it up?

  • Guilty plea in $15 million Illinois Ponzi scheme that scammed 300 investors

    William Huber pleaded guilty Tuesday to operating a multimillion Ponzi scheme in the latest example of investment advisers bilking their clients.

  • 'Coffee party' movement: Not far from the 'tea party' message?

    'Coffee party' movement: Not far from the 'tea party' message?

    The coffee party movement held its political kickoff Saturday at 370 locations across the US. At one Georgia meeting, the message didn't seem that different from the rival 'tea party' message.