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  • Does alien life require an ocean?

    Oceans help stabilize a planet's temperatures, potentially making it more habitable, according to new research.

  • Housing prices: Are short sales in danger?

    As housing prices recover, short sales have become an increasingly popular escape route for indebted homeowners. But the future of short sales depends on a tax cut extension from Congress that may or may not come, and realtors argue that housing prices haven't rebounded enough for many homeowners to afford their debt forgiveness as a tax. 

  • Foreclosure deal close in several key states

    Foreclosure deal adopted in more than 40 US states would force mortgage lenders to reduce loans for about 1 million households. Two key states, New York and California,  are close to adopting the foreclosure deal.

  • FHA low on funds but won't need bailout

    FHA low on funds but won't need bailout

    FHA, which guaranteed nearly 40 percent of new home loans over the past year, can survive without taxpayer funds, according to an audit.

  •  FHA increases premiums, tightens loan standards

    FHA increases premiums, tightens loan standards

    The Federal Housing Authority's (FHA) measures are expected to help replenish the agency's depleted capital reserves and quell rising delinquencies. The move to increase premiums and tighten loan standards could have an impact on low-income borrowers.