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  • Obamacare hits 6 million signups: Does the milestone matter?

    Just weeks ago, Obamacare seemed unlikely to hit the 6 million mark. But the approaching deadline has spurred consumer interest, say White House officials, who report that got 1.5 million visits on Wednesday.

  • The good news – and the bad news – for Obama in scandal-tinged polls

    President Obama's approval rating has not slipped in public opinion polls despite a trio of political scandals. But most Americans don't think much of the way the administration has handled the issues, and they believe further investigation is justified.

  • Suspect arrested in ricin-laced letters case

    According to the FBI, a Mississippi man was arrested for sending possibly poisonous letters to President Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker. There were other reports of mysterious packages in Senate office buildings and in senators' offices in their home states. Authorities are continuing to investigate the suspicious materials. 

  • Boston bombing: Obama says culprits will feel 'weight of justice'

    "We will find out who did this. We'll find out why they did this," President Obama said in his brief statement after the Boston bombing. "Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice."

  • Obama: Romney is out of touch (+video)

    With less than seven weeks until the election, the race for president is neck and neck. Both President Obama and his rival Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent time in the battleground state of Florida on Thursday.