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  • Robert Reich Obama should attack what Bain and JPMorgan have in common

    Rather than lobbing generalized  attacks at Mitt Romney and American business, Obama should attack a particular kind of capitalism that Romney and JPMorgan both practice: using other peoples’ money to make big bets which, if they go wrong, can wreak havoc on the economy.

  • Commencement season: Speakers share inspiration, insight, and advice with college grads

    It’s college graduation season and the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance,” which began in late April, will be heard at commencement ceremonies until mid-June. Many more speeches have yet to be given that impart the usual pearls of wisdom and advice on pursuing dreams, being daring, and contributing to society. Here’s a sampling of excerpts from speeches given to graduates around the country.

  • How Greek economic woes could help US consumers

    Fears that Greece may default on its debt are spurring interest in US Treasury bonds, driving down interest rates on mortgages and auto loans – but not (alas) for credit card debt.

  • Cover Story CSI Tornado: Decoding – and chasing – supercells with the experts

    CSI Tornado: Chasing supercells, interviewing a homeowner sucked off his front porch in an Oklahoma tornado outbreak, and examining the path of a destructive funnel, an expert expedition shows how science is close to decoding the way a tornado works.

  • Top 5 ways to save on your summer vacation

    If you're pining for a summer vacation but worried about costs, consider how Wayne and Pat Dunlap of Del Mar, Calif., managed to tour 51 countries over two years, marvel at the Egyptian pyramids, scale a New Zealand glacier, and visit Laotian Buddhist monks all for less than $100 a day. "We often stayed at guesthouses and hostels, ate at local family restaurants, took public transportation, and in some cases, traveled on cruise ships offering reduced rates," says Mr. Dunlap, author of the travel book "Plan Your Escape." This year amid price worries and higher summer airfares, especially to Europe such ingenuity could prove essential. Here are five cost-cutting strategies that can help:

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan endorses gay marriage. Is Obama cornered? (+video)

    Now, both Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary Duncan have spoken up for gay marriage, but Obama is holding back. That could be a political calculation, but gay activists are frustrated.

  • Vox News Rupert Murdoch deemed 'not fit' to lead media in Britain. What about US?

    A British parliamentary panel found that Rupert Murdoch is 'not fit' to run media giant News Corp. But the question for Congress is: What laws – if any – were broken in the US?

  • Modern Parenthood May Day, Cinco de Mayo or Leap Day: Celebrating “minor” holidays

    May Day is a day of dancing and maypoles, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the history and culture south of the border and Leap Day is always silly fun. Our happiness expert writes that no holiday is too small to celebrate as a family.

  • Sunoco to be sold for $5.3 billion

    Sunoco Inc. will be sold to natural gas company Energy Transfer Partners in a deal valued at about $5.3 billion. Sunoco had been looking to exit the refining business prior to the deal. 

  • Robert Reich Citigroup shareholders revolt. Will CEO pay drop?

    Citigroup's shareholders have said no to an exorbitant pay package for the bank's CEO, and why shouldn't they? Executive pay across American companies has ballooned to unacceptable levels, without the performance to back it up.