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  • Alabama bunker rigged with two bombs

    Jimmy Lee Dykes, who held a 5-year old boy hostage, rigged his Alabama bunker with two explosives. The boy, who turned 6 Wednesday, appears to be doing well and is back at home.

  • Alabama standoff over but FBI mum on how boy was rescued

    Jimmy Lee Dykes, who took a 5-year old boy hostage, was killed in a law enforcement raid. Neighbors heard a bang and gunfire, but details of the rescue remain secret. A Christian community's prayers are answered.

  • Alabama bunker standoff: Did politics set Jimmy Dykes off?

    After killing a school bus driver, retired Alabama truck driver Jimmy Dykes has held a 5-year-old boy hostage for five days in an underground tornado bunker. Neighbors say the act may be a provocative political statement.

  • Alabama: Hostage drama continues (+video)

    After allegedly fatally shooting a school bus driver on Tuesday, an Alabama man took a kindergartner from the bus and is now holding the boy hostage. The suspect appears to be an "antigovernment radical and survivalist," said one observer.