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  • Aurora shooting anniversary: Is rhetoric mightier than the gun?

    Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of the Aurora, Colorado, shooting which killed 12 people and wounded many more. Since then, there have been both advances and setbacks in gun control.

  • FISA 101: 10 key dates in the evolution of NSA surveillance

    When news of the PRISM data collection and surveillance program broke in early June 2013, it shook up the cyber security debate, and called into question just how much information the US government is authorized to collect. But government data collection isn’t something that just sprang up out of nowhere – it just sprang into national attention after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked government documents about the secret government agency. Here’s a brief list of post-9/11 legislation and surveillance programs to add a historical perspective to the current government surveillance debate.

  • Manitou Springs mudslide closes road in Coloroado

    Manitou Springs mudslide: A four-mile stretch of US 24 in Colorado was closed Wednesday afternoon after a thunderstorm sent rocks, mud, debris, and running water rushing down part of a canyon. No injuries have been immediately reported from the Manitou Springs mudslide.

  • Yarnell fire: How to save lives as wildfires intensify in Arizona and beyond?

    Wildfires are becoming more intense and more destructive, experts say, and devastating blazes like the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona, which took the lives of 19 firefighters, are increasingly common.

  • Year after drought, wettest Midwest spring in 40 years delays crop planting

    Last year, Midwest farmers struggled with drought; this year, it's heavy rain and sodden farmlands, which have pushed back the planting season. By contrast, farmers in the South worry about too little rain.

  • Arizona firefighters report progress; mourn fallen

    While struggling to put out a wildfire outside the town of Yarnell, Arizona on Wednesday, firefighters took a moment to remember the 19 Hotshot crew members who died there. The fire is now nearly 50 percent contained and an investigation into the events leading up to the deaths is underway.

  • Focus The 'sequester': how three Americans see it working so far

    So far at least, wide swaths of America haven't been reeling from the 'sequester.' But more budget cuts are taking effect this summer. Here are three examples of how Americans are starting to feel the impact.

  • Wildfire wildcard: How weather can help trigger an explosive fire

    This week's loss of 19 elite firefighters battling Arizona's Yarnell Hill wildfire raises questions about how scorching temperatures and low humidity may contribute to explosive fires and unanticipated safety hazards. Here's what researchers have learned.

  • With Colo. ruling, transgender equality becomes next civil rights frontier

    Colorado officials ruling in favor of a transgender girl — discriminated against by school officials who would not let her use the girls' restroom — is being viewed by advocates as a harbinger. Introducing the next frontier in civil rights: transgender equality.

  • Colorado court says transgender first-grader can use girls' bathroom

    A Colorado civil rights panel ruled that a Colorado Springs school likely discriminated against a first-grader by not allowing her to use the girls' restroom. The girl's family has since moved to another city.