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  • JetBlue pilot: Not guilty, rules judge (+video)

    A judge in Texas has ruled that Clayton Osbon was insane when he caused the emergency landing of a JetBlue plane. Passengers on that flight are now suing the company for negligence. 

  • JetBlue fliers sue over pilot meltdown

    JetBlue fliers sue over a New York to  Las Vegas flight where the pilot had to be physically restrained, claiming they feared for their lives. Ten JetBlue fliers sued the airline, citing 'gross negligence' in letting Capt. Clayton Osborn fly.

  • JetBlue pilot indictment offers view from cockpit: Osbon gave 'a sermon'

    An indictment of Clayton Osbon, the JetBlue pilot restrained by passengers, reports erratic behavior in the cockpit, such as telling air traffic control to be quiet and gabbling nonsensical numbers. Osbon will undergo a mental competency exam.