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  • In Gear Truck sales surge in May

    Truck sales surged in May, with the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and Nissan Rogue all posting their best-ever May sale results. Low loan rates and major automobile sales contributed to the numbers.

  • Smarter automakers, confident consumers driving car sales back up (+video)

    Despite being near collapse four years ago, the US automotive industry is seeing annual sales that are climbing steadily back up toward pre-recession levels.

  • Jeep not moving to China, Mr. Romney

    Jeep is not moving to China and out of the United States, Chrysler executives reaffirmed Tuesday after it became an issue in the US presidential campaign. Mitt Romney said that Chrysler was thinking about moving all Jeep production from Ohio to China during a rally last week. 

  • One presidential debate over, and still undecided in Ohio

    The Monitor watched Wednesday's presidential debate with undecided voter Maggie O'Toole in Ohio – an important battleground state. Why she is still not ready to commit to either President Obama or Mitt Romney. 

  • 10 great summer cars

    Wind in your hair, sun in your face – the summer drive is as classic a pastime as barbecues and baseball.  For dedicated sun-seekers, the right machine can make all the difference, and since most of us can’t afford the demi-convertible Maybach Landaulet limousine, here are 10 fun-loving new models sure to keep a summer smile on your face.  Climb into one of these this season, and you’ll be happy to keep driving duties for yourself.

  • Chrysler: Viper roars back to life

    Chrysler Viper reemerges after two-year hiatus. Chrysler Viper to come with 640-horsepower V-10 engine – and will probably top $100,000.

  • Plug-in car woes: Fisker Delaware plant in doubt

    Plug-in car manufacturer Fisker says it may have to look at production sites outside Delaware if it can't get a federal loan. Its new plug-in car, the Atlantic, might be built overseas, the CEO says. 

  • Toyota recall: Tacomas, Venzas, Camrys on the list

    Toyota recall involves nearly 700,000 cars from model years 2005 to 2011. The Toyota recall this time involves flaws in the air-bag system and a lamp switch. 

  • What did Clint Eastwood say about Chrysler bailout?

    Before Clint Eastwood did the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, the libertarian actor criticized the Chrysler bailout.

  • Opinion Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super bowl commercial: Facebook fans respond

    If you didn’t see it aired on TV during halftime of the Super bowl Sunday, you’ve likely heard about it by now: The Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial. Amid all the debate on the ad's perceived political stance, we took this question to our Facebook fans: After watching this video, do you think Chrysler came out with a pro-Obama commercial, or a patriotic commercial? We’ve culled their 127 comments and grouped the best here.