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  • Yellen: Fed has 'more work to do'

    The Federal Reserve's Vice Chair Janet Yellen could become the first woman to lead the U.S. central bank, if she's confirmed by Congress. Her remarks, prepared for a Senate hearing on Thursday, indicate her support of the Fed's current monetary policy. 

  • Energy Voices US energy future is a risk management problem

    The practiced confidence of oil and gas industry executives, captive Wall Street analysts and fake think tank academics has convinced the public that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to America's energy future, Cobb writes. But, the realities of our energy situation suggest that we should have little confidence in such pronouncements, especially given their self-interested nature. 

  • Economy adds 204,000 jobs in October. Enough for Fed to begin its 'taper'? (+video)

    Job gains of 204,000 in October, reported Friday, were better than expected. Forecasters give mixed reviews as to whether the Fed will see job growth as strong enough to begin a 'taper' of its bond-buying stimulus program.

  • Stocks fall after Federal Reserve says US needs support

    Stocks retreated from highs on Wall Street Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it will continue its economic stimulus program. Stocks of home construction companies fell after the Federal Reserve singled out the housing sector as slowing in recent months.

  • Stocks rise globally on hopes of dovish Fed

    Stocks in Asia and Europe charged ahead Wednesday on expectations the Federal Reserve will keep its economic stimulus fully in place until next year. Dow Jones Industrial average stocks hit an all-time high in the US on Tuesday. 

  • Stocks rise as Federal Reserve meets

    Stocks were up Tuesday on Wall Street as the Dow Jones industrial average hit an all-time high. Expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep its economic stimulus program helped drive stocks up.

  • Stocks mixed as S&P 500 hits new record

    Stocks ended mixed on Wall Street Monday as the Standard & Poor's 500 index eked out another record close. Strong retail sales from J.C. Penney helped boost stocks.

  • With shutdown and default clocks ticking, lawmakers hit an impasse

    Four days before a possible US government default on its debt, lawmakers failed to reach agreement. That, says a European central banker, could be 'very negative for the US economy and the world economy and could certainly harm the recovery.'

  • The New Economy Robo-signing is over. But robo-suing is growing.

    A small group of debt collectors are robo-suing people who default on their credit cards. Now, state and federal authorities are cracking down.

  • Paper Economy Mortgage rates drop to 4.28 percent

    Mortgage rates declined 6 basis points to 4.28 percent since last week, according to the latest data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. As a result of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's abrupt turn-around on the 'tapering' issue, mortgage rates appear now to be pulling back notably after weeks of explosive increases.