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  • Progress report: Getting better globally

    Editor's Blog Progress report: Getting better globally

    Up close, there are grave problems in the world -- hunger, repression, discrimination, violence. But when you take the long view, you can see evidence of progress on many fronts.

  • The Romantics: movie review

    The Romantics: movie review

    Katie Holmes stars in 'The Romantics' with Josh Duhamel, a groom whose allegiances waver before his wedding.

  • Review: 'Bride Wars'

    Review: 'Bride Wars'

    A taffy-brained chick flick about two brides whose big day has inadvertently been booked at the same place, same time.

  • Review: 'The Women'

    This modern remake of the Cukor classic boasts considerable star power but could have had sharper claws.