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  • AAPL: sweeter dividend, sour outlook

    Apple (AAPL) will give shareholders $100 billion over the next two years by boosting its dividend 15 percent. Although AAPL beat earnings and revenue estimates for the quarter, it says revenue could fall this quarter. 

  • Stocks edge higher; Dow boosted by McDonald's

    Stocks rose Monday despite concerns about the surprise resignation of Italy's prime minister. A strong sales report from McDonald's pushed stocks higher on Wall Street.

  • Stocks rise on fiscal cliff hopes

    Stocks closed mostly higher on Wall Street Wednesday as traders grew more hopeful that a budget deal will be reached in Washington. Rising stocks narrowly outnumbered falling ones on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • The Reformed Broker The buyback epidemic

    The preference for financial engineering over hiring, expansion, M&A, or dividend issuance has been in force for a while now, Brown writes, and nothing could be less productive.

  • The Reformed Broker AAPL: Apple starts share buybacks

    Apple (AAPL) announced a $10 billion share buyback and a $2.65-per-share quarterly dividend to be paid out going forward. AAPL buybacks are starting out relatively small, but they have room to raise the buyback amount.

  • Kellogg to buy Pringles brand for $2.7 billion

    The addition will help Kellogg with its goal of becoming as big globally in snacks as it is in cereal. The Pringles business will add to Kellogg's stable of snack brands that include Keebler, Cheez-It and Special K Cracker Chips.

  • CEO pay cut: Who saw pay halved in '11?

    CEO pay of $84 million earned him the top spot in 2010, but dropped to $43 million in 2011. So who was tops in CEO pay last year? Apple's Tim Cook.

  • Why a corporate tax holiday is still a bad idea

    Tax VOX Why a corporate tax holiday is still a bad idea

    Congress may be about to grant a huge tax break to multinational companies that have stashed earnings in their foreign subsidiaries.Here's why that's a bad idea.

  • Stock buybacks: a first for Buffett

    Stock buybacks: a first for Buffett

    Stock buybacks would occur when Berkshire Hathaway stock is within 110 percent of book value. If stock buybacks happen, they would be the first in Warren Buffett's 46 years heading Berkshire.

  • Stock options dilute value? Buy back stock.

    Stock options dilute value? Buy back stock.

    Stock options to executives, dividend programs can hurt value of a stock. So companies increase stock buybacks for eighth consecutive quarter.