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  • 10 weirdest global fast foods

    In the US, fast food can get pretty predictable: Burgers, fries, chicken, and a taco or a fish sandwich, if you’re feeling adventurous. Leave it to our international brethren to show us how to loosen up and live a little. Take a look at ten wacky fast food items from around the world.

  • Top 10 Burger King changes

    Burger King's new menu has a purpose. Last year, Wendy's surpassed Burger King to become the second best-selling burger chain in the United States. It was close: Wendy's had $8.5 billion in sales, while Burger King had $8.4 billion. (Both were miles behind No. 1 McDonald's, at $34 billion). In an effort to regain the No. 2 slot,  the chain has undergone a massive makeover, complete with Burger King new menu items, décor, and employee uniforms. Here are the Top 10 changes Burger King has made in the past year, in its biggest overhaul since it first opened its doors back in 1954:

  • 'Pink slime': Health crisis or misunderstood meat product?

    Pink slime is what critics call 'lean, finely textured beef' – a filler used in ground beef. It's not dangerous, but it's a byproduct that some say should be clearly labeled. 

  • Wendy's beats Burger King for No. 2 spot

    Wendy's beats Burger King to take the runner-up spot for US hamburger chains after No. 1 McDonald's. While Wendy's beats Burger King in terms of restaurant sales, Burger King remains No. 2 in terms of corporate revenue and number of restaurants.  

  • Corned beef and cabbage? No! Try St. Pat's doughnuts, shakes, 'n fries.

    Irish restaurants may want to serve corned beef and cabbage. But America's fast-food chains are offering far more intriguing fare for St. Patrick’s Day: from Dunkin' Donuts' 'Lucky Mint' dessert to Burger King's free fries with green ketchup. 

  • Taco Bell breakfast debuts; some stores open 24 hours

    Taco Bell breakfast is here. The Mexican-style fast-food chain that caters to the late-night snacking crowd with tacos and gorditas, introduced a Taco Bell breakfast menu Thursday at almost 800 restaurants in 14 states.

  • Burger King delivery: Have it your way. At home.

    Burger King delivery services are available at select locations in Washington, D.C., and will soon expand. Can you get Burger King delivery?

  • St. Louis Cardinals Parade: A plea for Pujols to stay

    St. Louis Cardinals Parade: A plea for Pujols to stay

    St. Louis Cardinals parade: Hundreds of thousands of Cardinals fans turned out to honor the 2011 World Series champs in St. Louis. Can the Cardinals afford to keep Albert Pujols?

  • The Herman Cain surge: why he rose (not Mitt Romney) as Rick Perry slid

    The Herman Cain surge: why he rose (not Mitt Romney) as Rick Perry slid

    Herman Cain gained support from GOP voters after Texas Gov. Rick Perry stumbled in presidential debates, polls show. Now is his big opportunity to build on his momentum, analysts say.

  • Starbucks' new blend – working with community nonprofits

    Change Agent Starbucks' new blend – working with community nonprofits

    The coffee chain will join with two 'change-making' groups in New York and Los Angeles doing 'heroic work' to address economic, social, and education challenges.