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  • 'Moneyball' starring Brad Pitt: movie review

    'Moneyball' starring Brad Pitt: movie review

    Brad Pitt's great, but the movie, 'Moneyball,' glorifies baseball strategy a little too much.

  • Blockade Billy

    Blockade Billy

    Two great American traditions merge when horror icon Stephen King turns his attention to baseball.

  • Review: 'Sugar'

    Review: 'Sugar'

    Poignant tale of an aspiring Dominican baseball player explores lessons in dashed hopes.

  • Review: 'Swing Vote'

    Political comedy uses wild premise to serve up a civics lessons without much substance.

  • Baseball before salaries went boom

    Sports writer Mike Shropshire sees 1975 as “The Last Real Season” for baseball.

  • Monitor Picks

    Monitor Picks

    To commemorate the start of the MLB season, Monitor film critic Peter Rainer recommends the five best baseball movies ever made. ("Field of Dreams" isn't one of them!)