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  • Is West Virginia's tap water drinkable yet?

    Restaurants and hospitals are reopening, but many people are still waiting for word that their tap water is safe.

  • Fla. GOP tries to defeat Crist before he can run

    Many speculate that former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican turned independent who supported President Obama, may run against Gov. Rick Scott as a Democrat in 2014. Florida Republicans are trying hard to discredit Crist.

  • Who is Jill Kelley? (+video)

    Jill Kelley identifies herself as an 'Honorary Consul General.' The Florida hostess, mother of three children and wife of a surgeon, is in the middle of a sex scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus. Now Jill Kelley's  'flirtatious' emails with Gen. John Allen are under investigation.

  • Voters in battleground states on Romney's '47 percent' comment (+video)

    Insensitive and out of touch? Or simply speaking the cold hard truth? Voters in the states still up for grabs have different opinions on the impact of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's controversial '47 percent' comment.

  • Ann Romney praises Mitt: The 'man America needs' (+video)

    At the Republican National Convention on Tuesday in what she called 'the biggest speech' of her life, Mrs. Romney told voters 'you can trust Mitt.' Her husband, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, will speak at the convention on Thursday.

  • Isaac surges as GOP convention begins (+video)

    Despite strengthening Tropical Storm Isaac on its way to New Orleans, the Republican National Convention began Monday. Delegates differed in their opinions of how the storm might impact the convention. 

  • Wet weather won't stop GOP Convention protesters

    A few hundred protesters from groups like Occupy Wall Street and Code Pink say Tropical Storm Issac, expected to reach hurricane-force Tuesday, won't keep them away from the Republican National Convention.