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  • Can Nike and Wal-Mart save the Amazon?

    An ambitious commitment by some of the world's largest companies not to buy beef or leather products from the Brazilian Amazon may falter if a strong monitoring system isn't put in place.

  • Zelaya's back in Honduras. Now what?

    Zelaya's back in Honduras. Now what?

    Some say President Manuel Zelaya's surprise return increases the prospects for violence. The interim government has imposed a 15-hour curfew.

  • Billboard watchdogs clean up skylines

    Billboard watchdogs clean up skylines

    Aiming to clear out commercial clutter, billboard watchdogs from Rio to Toronto police outdoor ads.

  • Ousted Honduran leader Zelaya returns

    Ousted Honduran leader Zelaya returns

    President Manuel Zelaya said Monday on a local television: 'I cannot give details, but I'm here,'

  • Latin America makes a dent in poverty with 'conditional cash' programs

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet will be among the speakers at a forum on the successful programs Tuesday in New York.

  • How a little jam went global

    How a little jam went global

    'Stand by Me' YouTube hit started a cascade of interviews, a CD – and next month, a tour.

  • Why Europe wants stiffer sanctions on Iran

    Germany, France, and UK are ready to impose oil and gas sanctions on Iran to stave off military strikes. But Oct. 1 talks about Iran's nuclear program will likely delay any moves.

  • In Pictures Retracing Darwin's footsteps

    The first stop on the second voyage of the HMS Beagle was at St. Jago in the Cape Verde Islands. Darwin's first journal entry was made here. Darwin's focus on the island was mainly geological, writing about the slow formation of the islands over extremely long periods of time.

  • Global News Blog Europe proposal aims to unclog global climate change talks

    The EU offered up to $15 billion to aid developing countries cutting emissions and urged rich nations to contribute more.

  • In Pictures Don't Fear the Leaper: A world of frogs

    The American bullfrog, named for its loud, deep mating call, eats insects, fish, birds, snakes, baby turtles, and other frogs. Bullfrogs are native to the eastern U.S., but they have been released west of the Rocky Mountains where they have devastated local populations of frogs and other small animals. The eight species in this slideshow are among the 18 species frogs from around the world on display at the exhibit 'Frogs: A Chorus of Colors,' which runs at the Museum of Science, Boston, from February 13 through May 25.