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  • Energy Voices US energy future is a risk management problem

    The practiced confidence of oil and gas industry executives, captive Wall Street analysts and fake think tank academics has convinced the public that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to America's energy future, Cobb writes. But, the realities of our energy situation suggest that we should have little confidence in such pronouncements, especially given their self-interested nature. 

  • Stocks fall after Federal Reserve says US needs support

    Stocks retreated from highs on Wall Street Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it will continue its economic stimulus program. Stocks of home construction companies fell after the Federal Reserve singled out the housing sector as slowing in recent months.

  • Fed nominee Janet Yellen: 'Too many Americans still can't find a job' (+video)

    Janet Yellen, after being nominated Wednesday by President Obama, spoke of the dual role of the Federal Reserve to help ensure 'the opportunity to work hard' while keeping inflation in check.

  • Janet Yellen: Five economic policy views

    If confirmed as Fed chairman, Janet Yellen would influence the trajectory of the economy going forward. Here's where she stands on five key policy issues facing the world's most powerful central bank. 

  • Janet Yellen as Fed chairman: What stamp would she put on 'taper' question?

    Janet Yellen is to be nominated as the next Federal Reserve chairman Wednesday afternoon. The nomination amplifies questions about when and how the central bank will pare back its massive efforts to stimulate economic growth.

  • Janet Yellen: Obama's nominee to replace Bernanke as Fed chief (+video)

    Janet Yellen, currently vice chair of the Federal Reserve, would not only be the first woman to head the Fed but the first woman running a major central bank anywhere in the world. Janet Yellen has been a key architect of the Fed's efforts to keep interest rates near record lows.

  • The Reformed Broker The market needs to scare Washington into re-opening government

    Stock markets are closing lower and lower as the government remains shutdown. Brown argues that a greater fall in stock prices may be the wake-up call Washington needs. The market needs to scare congress straight before Washington will get serious about finalizing a budget plan and re-open the government. 

  • Stock market drops as investors fret over budget fight

    Stock market took a hit from Washington's budget battle Friday. A showdown over federal spending sent the stock market plunging in an afternoon sell-off that wiped out all the gains from a rally earlier this week.

  • Stocks slip after record day (+video)

    Stocks pulled back from record highs Thursday as investors tried to figure out what to do after the Federal Reserve's decision to keep its economic stimulus in place. Despite the pullback, stocks are on pace to have their best month in nearly two years.

  • The New Economy Bernanke, Fed say no taper. Will housing bounce?

    The Federal Reserve and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke surprised Wall Street by announcing the Fed would not reduce its stimulus purchases to boost the economy. Because mortgage rates had surged in anticipation of a Fed move, Wednesday's announcement could send mortgage rates down and give the housing market a big bounce.