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  • Why Obama's bid to prevent loose nuclear weapons is going slowly

    Why Obama's bid to prevent loose nuclear weapons is going slowly

    President Obama wants to secure loose material for nuclear weapons by 2013. He has made progress, but success depends on countries disclosing sensitive information.

  • Ideas for a better world in 2011

    Ideas for a better world in 2011

    In many ways, 2010 is a year you may want to relegate to the filing cabinet quickly. It began with a massive earthquake in Haiti and wound down with North Korea once again being an enfant terrible – bizarrely trying to conduct diplomacy through brinkmanship. In between came Toyota recalls and egg scares, pat downs at airports and unyielding unemployment numbers, too little money in the Irish treasury and too many bedbugs in American sheets. Oil gushed from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico for three months, mocking the best intentions of man and technology to stop it, while ash from a volcano in Iceland darkened Europe temporarily as much as its balance sheets. Yet not all was gloomy. The winter Olympics in Canada and the World Cup in South Africa dazzled with their displays of athletic prowess and national pride, becoming hearths around which the world gathered. In Switzerland, the world's largest atom smasher hurled two protons into each other at unfathomable speeds. Then came the year's most poignant moment – the heroic and improbable rescue of 33 miners from the clutches of the Chilean earth. There were many transitions, too – the return of the Republicans in Washington and the Tories in Britain, the scaling back of one war (Iraq) and the escalation of another (Afghanistan), the fall of some powers (Greece) and rise of others (China, Germany, Lady Gaga). To get the new year off to the right start, we decided to ask various thinkers for one idea each to make the world a better place in 2011. We plumbed poets and political figures, physicists and financiers, theologians and novelists. Some of the ideas are provocative, others quixotic. Some you will agree with, others you won't. But in the modest quest to stir a discussion – from academic salons to living rooms to government corridors – we offer these 25 ideas.

  • A stronger Iran returns to nuclear talks in Geneva

    A stronger Iran returns to nuclear talks in Geneva

    Iran began talks Monday in Geneva with world powers eager to curb its expanded nuclear capabilities.

  • Opinion Four reasons the US could get Israel to talk about a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction

    It won’t be easy, but without Israel, there can be no meaningful talks on creating a WMD-free zone in the Middle East.

  • Opinion Confucius could help relations between US, China

    His concept of the "middle way" could help both countries recognize the mutual interests that bond them.

  • Opinion To lift the US economy, lift sanctions on America's foes

    Profit, not patriotism, keeps companies afloat.

  • Opinion India: America's indispensable ally

    Washington will need New Delhi's cooperation on a host of critical issues, so the Obama administration must not risk neglecting the relationship.

  • Is Kashmir key to Afghan peace?

    Is Kashmir key to Afghan peace?

    Barack Obama says resolving the Indian-Pakistani dispute over Kashmir will be a goal of his presidency, ending eight years of silence on the issue.

  • Opinion The path through Pakistan to a shorter war on terror

    In the 'epicenter of terrorism,' democracy will benefit from an ease in US military pressure.

  • Opinion Oil for nukes – mostly a bad idea

    Bartering nuclear technology for oil is a path to the spread of nuclear weapons.