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  • How a jellyfish sneaks up on its prey

    The stealthy predator Mnemiopsis leidyi uses tiny hairs to render itself hydrodynamically invisible as it closes in on its next meal.

  • Offshore wind farms: How much is renewable energy worth?

    The Adam Smith Institute Blog Offshore wind farms: How much is renewable energy worth?

    Britain unveils the world's largest windmill farm. The windmills cost five times more per megawatt generated than a gas-powered plant, but cost virtually nothing to maintain (in contrast to ongoing gas purchases). When will they pay themselves off? Are there less-quantifiable benefits to renewable energy?

  • Gallery Dead zones

    Gulf of Mexico – The dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River, largely caused by annual fertilizer and farm chemical runoff from the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya rivers, is said to cover 7,000 square miles or more, or the size of New Jersey, depending on rainfall or floods. This runoff fuels algae blooms, dropping oxygen levels needed to sustain life. It is considered the largest dead zone in the US. (Source: NOAA, Scientific American)

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 06/23

    People stand around a campfire during the Ivana Kupala festival in the village of Viazynka, Belarus, late Tuesday evening. The ancient tradition, originating from pagan times, is usually marked with grand overnight festivities which includes jumping over burning campfires and bathing in a lake or a river. Some people believe the acts will purge them of their sins and make them healthier.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 05/25

    Protesters from several workers' rights groups burn pieces of paper in the shape of iPhones, manufactured by Foxconn, during a demonstration outside a Foxconn office in Hong Kong on Tuesday. An employee of the tech firm Foxconn died early on Tuesday after falling from a building in southern city of Shenzhen, state media reported, the ninth such death at the firm's manufacturing hub this year.

  • Why do so many oil spills happen?

    Why do so many oil spills happen?

    The science and history behind oil spills.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 03/09

    Peggy, a guinea pig, poses for photos after having its hair brushed and styled at PetZoo, a beauty parlor for pets in Cuenca, Ecuador, on March 9.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 03/05

    Budapest Zoo's newborn giraffe calf rests on hay while mother Santana walks by in Budapest, Hungary, on March 5. The gender of the baby, born on Wednesday, is still not known. The zoo plans to show the calf to the public next week.

  • Global News Blog Merge 11 time zones into 4? Russia's Medvedev asks, Why not?

    Merging 11 times zones into four would boost efficiency, says Russia's Medvedev. Russia spans nearly half the world's circumference.

  • Global News Blog Sweden: Enough quaint picturesque homes – bring on the high-rise.

    In Stockholm, Sweden, a new 'Yes in My Backyard' group is celebrating urban growth.