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  • Things you probably didn’t know about Paul Ryan

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is a 'gym rat' who considered becoming a pro skier before turning to politics. He's a budget hawk and strongly antiabortion, but he's gone against the GOP on some issues. And what about his job driving the Wienermobile?

  • Chapter & Verse Ayn Rand: filmmakers will try, try again

    Despite the massive failure of 'Atlas Shrugged, Part I,' 'Part 2' is scheduled for an October release.

  • Cormac McCarthy, copy editor extraordinaire

    Cormac McCarthy, author of 'No Country for Old Men' and 'The Road,' has copy-edited a biography of a quantum physicist.

  • Ayn Rand: 10 great quotes on her birthday

    To celebrate Ayn Rand's 107th birthday, here are 10 great quotes from the bestselling author.

  • Chapter & Verse Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' takes top app prize

    The Publishing Innovation Awards honors the 'Atlas Shrugged' book app, which includes bonus materials like lectures by Rand.

  • Mark Twain and 29 other great pseudonyms

    Mark Twain and 29 other great pseudonyms

    Wednesday's special Google doodle wished a happy birthday to Mark Twain. The American writer was born 176 years ago. Well, Twain wasn't born then. A fellow named Samuel Clemens was. The pen name "Mark Twain" came many years later. Twain stands among many great pseudonyms. Some are obviously fake – Vin Diesel and Sting. But others might surprise you – John Wayne and Alan Alda. Here are 30 of the best from books, movies, TV, and music.

  • Six things you probably didn't know about Ayn Rand

    Six things you probably didn't know about Ayn Rand

    Nearly 30 years after her passing, Ayn Rand is experiencing a renaissance as the economy sputters and government efforts to spur growth fall short. With over 25 million copies of her books in print, including “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead,” Ms. Rand had a history of engaging groups of dedicated followers on her small government, free market, and individualist philosophy. Now, she's gaining fans among tea party activists and others worried about the spread of government. Here are six things even her fans probably didn’t know about her:

  • iPad book apps designed to thrill serious book lovers

    Chapter & Verse iPad book apps designed to thrill serious book lovers

    iPad book apps add authors' notes and historical material to classics like "Atlas Shrugged," "On the Road,"and the complete works of Shakespeare.

  • Debt, deficits, and American morals

    The New Economy Debt, deficits, and American morals

    Behind the impasse in Washington over debt and deficits lies a moral, even religious, problem. How should a Christian respond to the economic debate?

  • 10 best classic political novels

    10 best classic political novels

    It is shocking how relevant a novel written decades ago can seem today – sometimes even more so than on the day that it was published. We've rounded up ten of the best classic political novels of the past, recommended for some thrilling 2011 summer reading. Update: We have added three Facebook Fan recommendations to the list.