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  • Opinion Obama must reset relations with Russia along economic lines

    When Vladimir Putin arrives in Camp David for the G8 summit in May, President Obama must be ready to lay out the framework for a new reset. With Russian membership in the WTO, the US and Europe could create incentives for greater rule of law in the economy and elsewhere in Russia.

  • Opinion 6 signs of hope in Pakistan

    The American imagination can run wild amid Pakistan’s political uncertainties and instability. But any pessimistic view of Pakistan, while endemic in the West, differs considerably from the perspective of Pakistani analysts who cautiously point to more optimistic scenarios. They cite six hopeful developments.

  • Opinion To help Syria, apply a mix of 'soft' and 'hard' power

    Sanctions and isolation of the Assad regime are simply allowing massacres to continue in Syria. Yet the world resists an all-out military intervention in Syria. A third option is to apply a mix of 'hard' and 'soft' power to relieve the suffering there.

  • Opinion Russian elections: US and Europe must rethink the 'reset'

    Vladimir Putin, who seems set to return to the presidency after Russian elections Sunday, looks to be tossing aside the reset in relations with the US and Europe. Were the West to continue to embrace the Kremlin, it would alienate Russians, especially reformers.

  • Walter Rodgers Signs of hope in Pakistan – America's prickly ally

    It's difficult to make sense of Pakistan's pulsating political chaos, corruption, and instability. Yet pessimistic views of Pakistan, while endemic in the West, differ considerably from the perspective of Pakistani analysts who cautiously point to half a dozen hopeful developments.

  • In Nigeria, Somalia, and Afghanistan: what is a foreign fighter?

    In countries where colonial borders don't reflect ethnic or family ties, it's not as easy to decide who is a foreigner. Yet Nigeria has deported 11,000 foreigners in the past six months on suspicion of Islamist sympathies.

  • Islamist attacks draw Nigeria and US military closer

    Dealing with Islamist groups such as Nigeria's Boko Haram will require more than a purely military approach, although Nigeria welcomes training from the US military's Africa Command.  

  • Cover Story What would happen if Iran had the bomb? (+video)

    Even as Tehran signals an interest in nuclear talks, many experts have already envisioned what the world would look like if the country got nuclear weapons. It wouldn't be as dire as many fear, but it would unleash new uncertainties - and perhaps a regional arms race.

  • Why Ethiopia's authoritarian style gets a Western nod

    Ethiopia is a geostrategically important ally in the West's efforts to battle extremism in the Horn of Africa. Western leaders have also emphasized its progress in battling poverty.

  • As Christmas arrives, crisis for Mideast Christians

    As Christmas arrives, crisis for Mideast Christians

    While Christians in Iraq have long faced the threat of growing Islamism and violence, now Christians in Egypt – and Syria – are facing new pressures as a year of dramatic change wraps up.