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  • The Barbarous Years

    Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Bernard Bailyn's book on the early settling of America is authoritative as well as entertaining.

  • Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach

    Sassy crime reporter Jimm Juree returns in Colin Cotterill's new mystery series set in Thailand.

  • Snow-Storm in August

    In 'Snow-Storm,' author Jefferson Morley intensely captures the tension-filled 1830s and draws historical figures of the time in subtle shadings.

  • Over Time

    Deford's new memoir captures his polished crustiness.

  • Beastly Things

    Guido Brunetti of the Venetian Commissario di Polizia returns – and we're glad to see him.

  • Cow

    Florian Werner's book is a bright biography of the animal that's given us so much.

  • Salad for Dinner

    A hearty helping of recipes from author Jeanne Kelley will have you excited about eating your leafy greens.

  • The Tao of Travel

    The Tao of Travel

    Paul Theroux celebrates wanderlust.