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  • Marco Rubio gets VP nod in conservative straw poll

    Sen. Marco Rubio won CPAC's straw poll vote to be Mitt Romney's running mate. Rubio denies wanting the job, but would bring two important things to the ticket: his Hispanic background and tea party support.

  • Scott Walker: What's next for GOP's new supernova?

    After the high-stakes recall election, national Republicans assess the Scott Walker effect, ranging from his policies to the prospect that he might appear on a Romney ticket.

  • Mitt Romney rips Obama, but did he get CPAC seal of approval?

    Mitt Romney made his bid for conservative voters at CPAC Friday. But some CPAC attendees said Romney's speech lacked 'emotion' and didn't squarely address his health-care record.

  • Rick Santorum asks CPAC conservatives to 'honor' their true values

    Rick Santorum played down organization and fundraising in his speech Friday at CPAC. Instead, Santorum appealed to CPAC conservatives' principles.

  • Marco Rubio, a CPAC darling, hammers Obama

    Marco Rubio's opening CPAC address hammered President Obama on class warfare and inspired conservatives with his vision of the American free enterprise system.

  • America's big shift right

    America's big shift right

    Why the country's conservative drift, on a wide range of issues, has accelerated.

  • In Pictures Conservative America: The big shift right

    A man signs a message board at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Over the past four decades – and more sharply over just the past few years – the geopolitical center of America has shifted rightward. The center of debate has edged closer to the conservative position, while activists on the right have moved even further out on the political spectrum.

  • Election 101: Ten facts about Michele Bachmann and her presidential bid

    Election 101: Ten facts about Michele Bachmann and her presidential bid

    With her announcement Monday that she is entering the presidential race, Michele Bachmann has given the tea party a candidate to call its own. Her conservative views and flame-throwing style have already attracted tangible support from evangelicals and the anti-Washington crowd. But is she capable of running a campaign that can withstand the rigors and scrutiny of the presidential process?

  • GOP candidates in the Tea Party crosshairs

    GOP candidates in the Tea Party crosshairs

    The Tea Party movement is taking aim at Republican incumbents, including Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Olympia Snow of Maine, and Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Will it succeed in unseating them?

  • Budget stalemate: Why America won't raise taxes

    Budget stalemate: Why America won't raise taxes

    Budget stalemate has many on Capitol Hill crunching numbers. With any new budget, taxes may be the real third rail of politics. Can the U.S. solve its fiscal woes without more revenue?