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  • No TV ads? Maybe not. NBC, FOX, CBS sue over ad-skip feature.

    NBC, FOX, and CBS have file a lawsuit against Dish Network for Autohop, a feature that blacks out commercials on pre-recorded network shows. The networks argue that the feature violates copyright laws and jeopardizes the financial foundation of the entire television industry.

  • The crime novels of Jacob Arjouni

    The crime novels of Jacob Arjouni

    Jakob Arjouni's Turkish-German private eye Kemal Kayankaya walks the mean streets of Frankfurt with a flair worthy of Bogart.

  • Backchannels Live blogging the Egyptian uprising

    Long time observers of Egypt are fast running out of adjectives to describe their feelings about unfolding events. Unprecedented, stunning, transfixing. I lived there from 2003 to 2008 and dearly love the country. I'll be posting short updates here throughout the day (Friday, Jan. 28) on the fast-moving events in Egypt. This is my first go at this kind of thing, so bear with me.

  • T-Shirt Wars: The story behind the viral video

    Horizons T-Shirt Wars: The story behind the viral video

    The comedy duo from I Love Local Commercials cranked out another goofy video, T-Shirt Wars.