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  • Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of October 3, 2011

    Readers write in with responses to the Monitor's recent cover-story profile of pro-life advocate Charmaine Yoest.

  • In Pictures Europe's love-hate relationship with the Pope

    A pilgrim holds a candle while attending a mass at the Catholic shrine of Fatima, Portugal, in 2010. Thousands of pilgrims made their way to the Fatima Shrine to attend a mass by Pope Benedict XVI to mark the 93rd anniversary celebrations of the first appearance of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children in 1917.

  • Election 101: 11 questions about Rick Perry and his White House bid

    Election 101: 11 questions about Rick Perry and his White House bid

    James Richard Perry wants to hang his cowboy hat in the White House. The Texas governor announced Saturday at a campaign stop in South Carolina that he was running for president. He was also traveling later in the day to New Hampshire, and planned a trip to Iowa on Sunday. Governor Perry is a shrewd politician who oozes Texas swagger. His rock-solid record is buttressed by his state’s impressive jobs record. But is America ready for another cowboy president?

  • Abortion opponents have a new voice

    Abortion opponents have a new voice

    In the often heated debate over abortion, a less confrontational, more pragmatic force is behind a record number of antiabortion laws and pro-choice's 'bad year.'

  • Straw poll: In Iowa, GOP leans to the right of the right

    Straw poll: In Iowa, GOP leans to the right of the right

    Iowa's GOP is dominated by social conservatives whose focus is on opposing abortion and gay marriage, say party insiders. That explains why not all Republican presidential hopefuls are competing in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday.

  • In Pictures Texas Gov. Rick Perry

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry gives the closing address at 'The Response,' a call to prayer for a nation in crisis, an event at Reliant Stadium that drew roughly 30,000 people in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 6. Mr. Perry attended the daylong prayer rally despite criticism that the event inappropriately mixed religion and politics.

  • Top 5 conservative holidays

    Top 5 conservative holidays

    Commemorating a day to call attention to a political cause has long been a tactic of liberals and those further out on the left. For instance, there's Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Earth Day, Gay Pride Day, May Day, and so on. Conservatives, by contrast, have largely stuck to fighting battles over the "true meaning" of traditional holidays observed by people of all political stripes, such as Christmas, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Still, conservatives have tried to come up with holidays to tout, with varying degrees of success. Here are our top five:

  • America's big shift right

    America's big shift right

    Why the country's conservative drift, on a wide range of issues, has accelerated.

  • In Pictures Conservative America: The big shift right

    A man signs a message board at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Over the past four decades – and more sharply over just the past few years – the geopolitical center of America has shifted rightward. The center of debate has edged closer to the conservative position, while activists on the right have moved even further out on the political spectrum.

  • The Monitor's View How to react to Norway shootings

    Friday's political massacre of Norway's youth could easily focus attention on Europe's immigration debate. But it should first lead to a renewal of basic civic values, such as reverence for life.