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  • SNL: Usain Bolt is fast, but is he funny?

    SNL: Usain Bolt joined a parody of the vice presidential debate on SNL. In the sketch, Paul Ryan, claimed he (not Usain Bolt) won the 100-meter race at the London Olympics

  • How much is Romney backed in Britain?

    Most of the British public and political class – including many Tories – prefer President Obama to his Republican challenger, but Mitt Romney is not without fans among the British government.

  • Mitt Romney to lay out foreign policy, national security agenda (+video)

    Following a series of rhetorical stumbles, Mitt Romney is scheduled to lay out his more muscular foreign policy and national security agenda at the Virginia Military Institute Monday. But is it really all that different from President Obama's?

  • Global Viewpoint Gordon Brown: Lack of global education fuels security threats (+video)

    If countries don't close the global gap in access to education, unrest will grow – not because young people are anti-American, but because they have lost hope. We must persuade governments and publics that educating a child in a poor country is a worthwhile investment. 

  • Scottish independence: Who would get the nukes, and other questions

    As it considers a 2014 referendum on independence from Britain Scotland still has a litany of issues that must be resolved beforehand, including its role in the EU and NATO.

  • Tennis grunting ban: Why it gets Maria Sharapova's support (+video)

    Tennis grunting ban: Maria Sharapova's screams have been measured at more than 101 decibels. Martina Navratilova calls grunting "cheating, pure and simple" and wants tennis to ban it sooner rather than later.

  • Five ways big banks' Libor scandal affects you

    London, this year's host of the Olympics, is also home to a bank scandal that threatens to rock the financial world as much as the Games influence the world of sports. Here's why: Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) is a global benchmark for interest rates that reaches deep into the international financial system. Allegations that banks rigged those rates means that everyone from mortgage-holders and indebted students to cities and mutual funds may have had their interest rates unnaturally altered. Already tainted by other scandals, banks are under investigation because of charges that they profited illegally from their rate-rigging scheme. The mess further taints big banks and puts more strain on the credibility of the global financial system. Here are five ways the Libor scandal could affect you:

  • Murray's US Open tennis win caps spectacular British athletic summer

    Andy Murray became the first British man to win a Grand Slam tennis event since Fred Perry won the US Championship in 1936. That feat, along with a Tour de France champion, and successful Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, have the British in a sporting splendor.

  • Serena Williams rallies back to US Open - again (+video)

    Serena Williams beat Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 2-6, 7-5 to win her fourth U.S. Open title and 15th Grand Slam title. Serena Williams won her first major championship at age 17 at the 1999 U.S. Open.

  • One year after bomb blinded Afghan vet, Paralympic gold

    Navy Lt. Brad Snyder was blinded a year ago by an IED blast in Afghanistan. On Friday he won a gold medal for the 400-meter freestyle in the London Paralympics, a performance he hopes will inspire other wounded vets.