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  • How much do you know about pirates? Take our quiz

    At a time of increased militarization in the Indian Ocean – with European, Russian, Chinese, Indian, and American navies patrolling sea lanes and carrying out attacks on suspected pirate ships – the Somali gangs have struck back, killing American captives. How much do you know about the history of robbery at sea?
    02/23/2011 02:00 pm

  • The Monitor's weekly news photo quiz 02/19

    Test your knowledge of the week's events, in photos.
    02/19/2011 12:11 pm

  • President's Day Quiz

    When most people hear the phrase "President's Day," they think "car sales." But you may not know that President's Day is also about something else: presidents. Look carefully, and you'll see that it's right there in the name. How much do you know about the nation's highest office? Take our quiz to find out.
    02/19/2011 09:44 am

  • How much do you know about China? Take our quiz.

    China has a long and extremely rich history, stretching back nearly 4,000 years. Prior to the 19th century, China was one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth, and with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a population of over 1.3 billion, the country stands poised today to become a superpower in the years to come. China includes an incredible diversity of cultures, religions, peoples, and landscapes. How much do you know about the world's largest country?
    02/18/2011 11:43 am

  • Medal of Freedom: A pair of sports stars honored too

    Among the 15 Presidential Medal of Freedom winners presented with the highest US civilian award at the White House Tuesday are two sports greats, Bill Russell and Stan Musial. Russell led the Boston Celtics to 11 NBA championships and became the first black head coach of a major US sport when he replaced Red Auerbach in 1966. Musial, known as “Stan the Man” to his legion of fans, was a first-ballot Baseball Hall of Famer after compiling 3,630 hits and 475 home runs during 22 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. Russell and Musial join 11 other former sports stars in this exclusive company. Take this quiz to see if you can identify the others.
    02/15/2011 02:47 pm

  • This week in the news photo quiz: Feb. 11

    How much of a news hound are you? Test your knowledge of the past week's events with this collection of photos from around the planet
    02/12/2011 06:43 pm

  • Think you know Asia? Take our geography quiz.

    Asia is the world's largest continent, the cradle of civilization, and the birthplace of all world religions. It contains an incredible diversity of environments, life, and cultures. How much do you know about Asia? Take our geography quiz to find out.
    02/10/2011 12:30 pm

  • Think you know the US? Take our geography quiz.

    So you've seen the spacious skies and the waves of grain, but could you point out the most majestic purple mountain on a map? How about the most fruited plain? Take our US geography quiz and see how much you know.
    02/08/2011 09:19 am

  • Tom Brady, MVP again: 12 questions about No. 12

    Fortunately for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the man with the golden arm and silver helmet, the voting for the National Football League's annual MVP award takes place before the playoffs begin. Otherwise, it's possible he might not now have the distinction of being the first unanimous choice for the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award. Some voters might have had second thoughts, and possibly moved Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers ahead of him on their ballots. Brady, after all, was off his game against the New York Jets, who eliminated the favored Patriots in their one-and-done postseason. Rodgers, meanwhile, is the hottest QB of the moment, and might just take the Packers all the way in Sunday's Super Bowl. As it is, Brady now joins Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner as two-time MVP winners. The all-time leader is the Colts’ Peyton Manning with four. Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, and Brett Favre have three. Just how much do you know about this season’s top regular-season player? Take this quiz to find out:
    02/06/2011 01:41 pm

  • Think you know Latin America? Take our geography quiz.

    South America is home to 19 countries and an incredibly diverse geography. The site of ancient civilizations, European colonies and emerging world powers, South America will play an increasingly large role in the 21st century and beyond. But can you distinguish between Guyana and Guyane? Can you sort your -guays? It's time to brush up on your knowledge of South America. This is the perfect place to start.
    02/03/2011 08:28 am

  • Super Bowl 2011: Test your Pittsburgh Steelers knowledge … Part 2

    The Green Bay Packers will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. How much do you know about the Steelers? Take the second installment of our quiz on the team – the 2.0 Version – to find out.
    02/02/2011 11:45 am

  • Super Bowl 2011: More quiz questions about the Green Bay Packers

    Super Bowl XLV will feature the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Feb. 6. How much do you know about the Packers? Take the second installment of our quiz on one of the Super Bowl teams – the 2.0 Version – to find out.
    02/01/2011 02:04 pm

  • How much do you know about Black History Month? Take the quiz.

    February marks the 36th anniversary of Black History Month, which highlights the actions and achievements of African Americans throughout US history. Other countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also celebrate their own black history months. Here's a quiz to test your knowledge of the facts.
    02/01/2011 10:10 am

  • Think you know Europe? Take our geography quiz.

    Europe may be the world's second smallest continent, but it consists of 50 countries. Sure, you know the big ones. You could probably pick out Germany and Spain from a map. But can you identify their smaller neighbors? Do you know enough about Europe to score 100 percent our geography quiz?
    01/28/2011 04:56 pm

  • Think you know the Middle East? Take our geography quiz.

    The Middle East has long been a major center of human affairs. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, the Middle East was home to the world's earliest civilizations and is the spiritual center of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Yezidi, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and the Bahá'í Faith. Do you have a good enough understanding of the Greater Middle East to complete this geography quiz? Identify each country pictured:
    01/27/2011 10:48 am

  • Think you know Africa? Take our geography quiz.

    Africa is the world's second-largest continent and the cradle of humanity. Its vast diversity includes deserts, rainforests, savannas, and everything in between. The continent is home to 53 countries, thousands of languages, and a long and rich history. But for many, Africa is not familiar. How much do you know about Africa?
    01/27/2011 10:48 am

  • Are you smarter than a US diplomat? Take our Foreign Service Exam.

    Diplomats working for the US Foreign Service are responsible for carrying out the policy of the United States. In order to serve at one of the 265 US diplomatic missions around the world, applicants must pass a series of examinations. The tests consist of a job knowledge test, English language test, essays, oral exams, and a qualifications panel. Our 20 questions are modeled after the job knowledge portion of the Foreign Service Officer's test. The real examination consists of 60 questions and is administered over 40 minutes. Think you know enough to become a US diplomat? Take our quiz.
    01/27/2011 10:47 am

  • Super Bowl 2011: Test your Pittsburgh Steelers knowledge

    OK, you know there's been no better Super Bowl team than the Pittsburgh Steelers with six victories. With Sunday's 24-19 win over the New York Jets, the Steelers move on to another Super Bowl in Dallas on Feb. 6. But how high, really, is your Steeler IQ? Take our quiz.
    01/24/2011 01:00 pm

  • How much do you know about the State of the Union speeches? A quiz.

    Do you know who delivered the longest State of the Union speech? The shortest? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.
    01/23/2011 09:59 am

  • Super Bowl 2011: Test your Green Bay Packers knowledge

    On Sunday in Chicago, the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears 21-14 in the NFC championship game. The Packers will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. How much do you know about the Green Bay Packers? Take our quiz.
    01/21/2011 04:04 pm

  • NFC Championship: Test your Chicago Bears knowledge

    It’s pop quiz time. Historically speaking, there’s a lot of ground to cover in prepping to watch Sunday’s NFC title showdown between the Bears and Green Bay Packers. The teams first met in 1921, have combined to win 21 NFL championships, but will now meet in Chicago for just the second time in postseason play. To help you find out what your Bears IQ is, try taking this introductory exam. Then, if Chicago makes it to the Super Bowl in Dallas on Feb. 6, look for a 2.0 version follow-up quiz on one of the league’s charter franchises.
    01/21/2011 03:51 pm

  • Edgar Allan Poe anniversary quiz

    Edgar Allan Poe, one of America's most celebrated poets, was born 202 years ago today. How well do you know Poe’s writing? Here are 8 questions.
    01/19/2011 04:06 pm

  • Martin Luther King Day: How much do you know about MLK? Take our quiz

    Monday is Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday. It honors the slain civil rights leader. How much do you know about him? Here are 10 questions.
    01/17/2011 08:50 am

  • Auburn vs. Oregon: How much do you know about the BCS national championship game? Take our quiz

    Number one Auburn meets number two Oregon Monday night in Glendale, Arizona in the BCS national championship game. The current process of selecting college football's top team hasn't been around all that long. Test your BCS title game knowledge by taking our quiz.
    01/10/2011 05:14 pm

  • BCS national championship: So you call yourself an Oregon Ducks football fan? Take our quiz

    As the University of Oregon prepares to take the field tonight in this season’s BCS football championship game against Auburn in a battle of unbeatens (ESPN, 8:30 p.m ET, in Glendale, Ariz.), here’s your opportunity to prove your grasp of Oregon gridiron-ology. Get more than half right in this quiz and you’re surely no quack fan.
    01/10/2011 03:35 pm

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