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  • 10 best adult books for teens

    The Alex Awards are given each year to 10 adult books judged most likely to appeal to teen audiences. Here are the 2011 winners: zombies, vampires, and lemon cake – oh my!
    01/17/2011 10:24 am

  • 5 must-read books about Martin Luther King Jr.

    What better way to honor Dr. King than to learn more about his life and legacy?
    01/14/2011 02:28 pm

  • 2011 Coretta Scott King Book awards: a look at the winners

    The Coretta Scott King Book Awards recognize African American authors and illustrators of outstanding books for children and young adults. The following titles are aptly crafted to shed light on real issues even as they engage young literary minds.
    01/14/2011 09:44 am

  • Four ways to kick the partisan habit

    President Obama, at the Jan. 12 memorial for victims of the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz, urged the nation to move beyond finger-pointing to healing, constructive conversation. How do you do that? Laura Chasin, founder of The Public Conversations Project, an organization that helps individuals, organizations, and communities converse constructively on issues of conflict, offers pointers for breaking the argument habit.
    01/13/2011 07:06 pm

  • Investment strategies for a new decade? Here are five.

    If you're wondering how financial planner Charles Failla sees the next decade of investing and beyond, consider this: Both his 3-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter are studying Mandarin. "That gives you some idea about my conviction on emerging markets," says Mr. Failla, principal at Sovereign Financial Group in New York. While the "jury is still out on the US – which has a lot of problems to fix – I am very optimistic about China and India over the next 20 years." There's plenty of advice about what investors should do for 2011. But where do financial pros suggest you put your money through 2020? Here are five themes for the new decade:
    01/13/2011 02:22 pm

  • 2011 Michael L. Printz awards: here are the winners

    The Michael L. Printz Award is given for excellence in literature written for young adults. Dark, challenging, compelling – these are books that pack a punch even as they keep young readers turning the pages.
    01/13/2011 01:44 pm

  • Lebanon 101: Why Hezbollah hates the Hariri tribunal.

    The collapse of Lebanon's coalition government has pushed the country, once again, to the brink of upheaval. The heavily-armed Hezbollah is furious that Prime Minister Saad Hariri is coperating with a United Nations tribunal investigating the assassination of his father Rafik. Here's what the tribunal is all about, and why Hezbollah opposes it:
    01/13/2011 12:39 pm

  • Top 10 global weather events of 2010

    A panel of weather and climate experts ranked the the Top 10 global weather and climate events of 2010. Voters considered the scope and unusualness of the event, its immediate human and economic impact, and whether it is emblematic of climate trends or variability. They voted during the first week of December, so the following weeks' extreme winter weather in Europe, which may have deserved a spot in the Top 10, received an honorable mention.
    01/12/2011 07:03 pm

  • Arizona shooting suspect Jared Loughner: 5 of his strange ideas

    Jared Lee Loughner is accused of killing six people and wounding 14 in Tucson, Ariz., on Saturday. The apparent target of the attack was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D), which led Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik to assert that unbalanced people are 'especially susceptible to vitriol' in our political discourse. Politics may be nasty, but Jared Lee Loughner's ideas don't seem to line up with any one group or line of thinking. Indeed, they are more often characterized as simply strange. Here’s a look at five ideas believed to come from Loughner, in his words and those of the people who know him.
    01/12/2011 04:02 pm

  • Bestselling books the week of 1/13/11, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.
    01/12/2011 03:57 pm

  • 7 history books worth checking out in 2011

    Keep your eyes out for these new titles fit for both presidents and kings.
    01/12/2011 11:25 am

  • 2011 Newbery Medal and Honor awards: here are the winners

    The John Newbery Medal is awarded for the most outstanding contribution to children's literature. The 2011 winners are worthy additions to any young reader's library and engaging enough to delight the rest of us as well.
    01/12/2011 10:16 am

  • 2011 Caldecott Medal and Honor awards: here are the winners

    The Randolph Caldecott Medal is awarded to the most distinguished American picture book for children. These delightful 2011 winners remind readers why a picture truly is worth a thousand words.
    01/12/2011 09:55 am

  • Verizon iPhone: 5 reasons to buy, 5 not to

    Almost exactly four years from the date Apple announced the original iPhone, the long-rumored Verizon iPhone has become a reality. Now Verizon customers are wondering if they should get it, and AT&T customers are wondering if they should make the switch. So, here are five reasons you should buy the Verizon iPhone and five reasons you shouldn't:
    01/12/2011 07:41 am

  • Verizon iPhone versus AT&T iPhone: The top three differences

    Both carriers get the iPhone 4, but the Verizon iPhone will be a little different from what AT&T customers have grown used to. Some are obvious changes, such as the switch from GSM (AT&T's network of choice) to CDMA (the technology used by Verizon). But several of the differences may come as a surprise. Click through to learn them all.
    01/11/2011 05:24 pm

  • Arizona shooting: US has lots of guns, but it's not alone

    The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) of Arizona has brought renewed attention to the US 'gun culture' and gun violence – and the prevalence of guns in the country. In fact, the US has the largest number of civilian-owned guns in the world, both in raw number and relative to its total population, according to a 2007 report by Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based project that studies small arms and armed violence. But some countries aren't too far behind the US. Below are some of the countries with the largest civilian gun ownership rates in the world.
    01/11/2011 01:29 pm

  • Arizona shooting: Seven times politics turned to threats or violence last year

    Authorities say they believe Jared Lee Loughner, the primary suspect in Saturday's shooting in Tucson, Ariz., targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) of Arizona but have not identified a motive, characterizing him as mentally unstable. The shooting followed a year in which several members of Congress have been threatened.
    01/10/2011 03:10 pm

  • Five controversial Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

    In 2000, then-President Bill Clinton suggested that one of the thorniest issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – the division of Jerusalem to create two capitals for two states – should be decided along demographic lines. In other words, Jewish neighborhoods would be incorporated into Israel and Arab neighborhoods would become part of the future Palestinian state. The past decade has seen a significant expansion of Jewish areas in the Arab neighborhoods closest to the Old City, which could affect how the city is divided – or prevent it from being divided at all. This has raised the ire of Palestinians, the United Nations, and others, because the expansion has taken place in a territory that Israel occupied and then unilaterally annexed – and thus the transfer of civilian populations is considered illegal under international law. Here are five of the most controversial developments:
    01/10/2011 02:17 pm

  • Redistricting 101: Eight facts about redrawing the US political map

    Every 10 years, everyone in the United States gets counted – all 308,745,538 of them, according to the 2010 Census. The number of representatives in Congress, however, stays at 435. Dividing the larger number by the smaller gives the average number of people in each congressional district (now 709,760). But Americans move around a lot – for new jobs or better weather, to be closer to family, or just for the adventure. As a result, the boundaries of those congressional districts have to shift to make sure that each district has as close to the same number of people as possible. And that shifting can have important political, economic, and social consequences. That’s what ‘redistricting’ is all about.
    01/08/2011 09:54 am

  • Five House controversies from Week 1: Did Republicans break promises?

    House Republicans swept back into power this week promising to fix how the institution functions. Speaker John Boehner called for a renewed focus on the Constitution, more openness and accountability, and resolving 'honest differences through a fair debate and vote.' Here’s a look at the Republicans' first week back in charge.
    01/07/2011 06:11 pm

  • 5 novels for the new year

    If you're a fiction reader, you are going to want to pick up at least one of these early 2011 novels.
    01/07/2011 11:35 am

  • Job market's still tough. Seven ways to reenergize your job search.

    For America's jobless, the labor market is sending conflicting signals. On one hand, unemployment in December dropped to 9.4 percent, its lowest rate in 19 months, the US Department of Labor reported Friday. On the other hand, a separate Labor survey showed that the economy added only 103,000 jobs, when economists were expecting about 150,000 new nonfarm jobs. What to make of it all? In fits and starts, the economy is staging a very modest recovery, but it may take years before the nation regains the jobs it lost during the Great Recession. To find a job, many unemployed Americans may need to reenergize their own job search. Here are seven ways to do it:
    01/07/2011 10:46 am

  • Deals of the week: toy rebate, freebies, and getting paid to shop

    Is saving more money one of your goals in 2011? It is for me! I’m excited to see so many great offers immediately in the new year. Start your year off right with these great deals from Yoplait, Friday’s restaurants, Post-It Tabs, Bath & Body Works, Pampers, Hasbro toys, and (starting Sunday) CVS.
    01/07/2011 09:34 am

  • 5 Elvis biographies to read on his birthday

    Jan. 8, 2011, marks the 76th birthday of Elvis Presley. In remembrance of "the King," we suggest that you put on your blue suede shoes and pick up one of these books.
    01/07/2011 09:10 am

  • See how a video game outsold the top movie, book, and DVD

    Few companies enjoy paydays quite like Activision's. In November, the video-game publisher released Call of Duty: Black Ops, a cold-war military thriller that not only became the most lucrative game launch ever, but also made more money in 24 hours than any book, movie, or album in entertainment history.
    01/05/2011 05:55 pm

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Danny Bent poses at the starting line of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, Danny Bent took on a cross-country challenge

The athlete-adventurer co-founded a relay run called One Run for Boston that started in Los Angeles and ended at the marathon finish line to raise funds for victims.

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