The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 2012

How well do you stay up with the news – from the mainstream to the semi-ridiculous? Take our news quiz  and find out!

What reason did the Susan G. Komen Foundation give for withdrawing its financial support from Planned Parenthood?

Because Planned Parenthood provides abortion services


Because Planned Parenthood is under federal investigation


Because Planned Parenthood is no longer providing screening services


Because Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation are on opposite sides of a political divide.


The US surge in Afghanistan, now at 90,000 troops, will be reduced by the end of this year. How many troops will remain?









Once again, Britain and Argentina are in a war of words over the Falkland Islands. What reignited the debate 30 years after the war?



A pro-democracy movement


Oil exploration


Fishing rights


Which of these people will be worth the most after Facebook's stock goes public?

The artist who painted murals at Facebook headquarters


The Olympic rowing twins who sued founder Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their idea


Mr. Zuckerberg's father, a dentist


Mr. Zuckerberg's chauffeur


What touched off the most recent protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square?

Postponement of the presidential elections, set for June


A riot at a soccer game that left at least 74 fans dead


A looming showdown between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military


The slow pace of reform


This week Indiana adopted what's known as a "right to work" law. What does "right to work" really mean?

Union dues are optional


Undocumented immigrants may obtain work permits


Employers may not discriminate in their hires for a broad spectrum of reasons


Retirees may take jobs without endangering Social Security payments


"Punxsutawney Phil," a groundhog, has been making weather prognostications since 1887. How often has he been right?

23 percent


39 percent


53 percent


71 percent


This week a man in Chile's Patagonia was arrested for "stealing" a glacier. What did he do?

Cleared a patch of ice in order to build a home


Melted glacial ice to transport to his home for drinking water


Took fossils embedded in the glacial ice without a permit


Transported six tons of ice for drinks in upscale Santiago restaurants


Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was castigated for comments that critics say revealed an insensitivity to the poor. According to US government statistics, how many people are classified as poor in the United States?

1 in 5


1 in 7


1 in 10


1 in 15


The famine in the Horn of Africa has inspired what American entertainment corporation to raise money through its heroes?

DC Comics