The Monitor's Weekly news Quiz 12/11-12/16

How well do stay up with the news – from the mainstream to the obscure? Match wits with our quiz!

Iran is making much of it's capture of an intact US stealth drone on a spying mission 140 miles inside Iran. How did they claim to have captured it?

By manipulating the craft's GPS system


By shooting it down


By capturing it mid-air


By creating a worm in its computer system, similar to Stuxnet.


Nearly nine years later the Iraq war is coming to a close and the largest Baghdad US compound, Camp Victory will become a US Diplomatic Center. What was it originally?

Ba'ath Party Headquarters


One of Saddam Hussein's many palaces


Iraqi Antiquities Museum


The US Embassy


At the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists report seeing hints of the long-sought Higgs boson, the so-called 'God particle'. Why is it called that?

The particle itself is thought to give mass to other particles, and thus to objects and creatures in the Universe.


It is thought to be the first particle created in the universe.


It's existence has been debated for centuries.


It is the heaviest particle ever discovered.


As everyone knows, China has become an economic powerhouse in the last ten years. But what spurred this development a decade ago?

China began pirating western technology and culture.


China loaned the US some money.


China disavowed communist principles.


China joined the World Trade Organization.


The Obama administration is reducing the presence of the National Guard along the Mexican border. Why?

Budget concerns


The feds are using electronic surveillance equipment instead.


Mexico's president Felipe Calderon has agreed to step up patrols on the Mexican side off the border.


Illegal crossings have reached a historic low.


What were two of the provisions in the payroll tax bill, unrelated to taxes and employment, that were holding up its passage?

immigration reform and climate control provisions


Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and pollution control of industrial burners


Upgrading old nuclear power plants and border enforcement


Pollution controls and oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ARWR)


A jewelry auction at Christie's just broke the all time record for sales of a collection. Whose jewelry was it?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


The Duchess of Windsor


Elizabeth Taylor


Michael Jackson


Former French president Jacques Chirac, an icon of French politics, was found guilty of corruption. The last head of state to be convicted of a crime was Marshal Philippe Pétain. What was his crime?

Embezzling funds from the Marshall plan


Lying about an extra marital affair


Voter fraud


Collaborating with the Nazis


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Health Statistics show that teen pregnancies hit a record low since 1947. To what does the CDC attribute this drop?

Abstinence only programs


Birth control availability


Parent-child dialogue


A poor economy


The "pot wars" are heating up as the federal government tries to rein in states' bids to encourage a growing industry. How many states now allow for medical use of pot?