The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Nov. 27-Dec. 2, 2011

Wait, wait – don't tell me you haven't taken our news quiz?!

By the end of December, some 13,800 US troops will have left their seven remaining bases in Iraq. At the height of the war in 2007, how many US troops and bases were in Iraq?

105,000 troops on 300 bases


510,000 troops on 1,000 bases


171,000 troops on 500 bases


Exact numbers cannot be determined


A first round of elections held in Egypt this week was declared to have been a success. Which political faction is leading in the polls so far?

Muslim Brotherhood


The military




The Tahrir Square coalition


Occupy Wall Street protesters were removed peaceably from two locations this week. Where?

Boston and Los Angeles


Los Angeles and San Francisco


Philadelphia and Los Angeles


Boston and Phliadelphia


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first senior US official to visit Burma (Myanmar) in how many years?









A local gun club attracted national attention by inviting gun owners and their families to pose with Santa – with their guns. Where?

Amarillo, Texas


Santa Fe, N.M.


Scottsdale, Ariz.


Oklahoma City, Okla.


Two deadlines are still holding Congress's feet to the fire on debt reduction. What are they?

The 2012 elections for Congress and president


The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary


Congress's holiday recess and Ronald Reagan's birthday


The expiration of Bush's tax cuts and the onset of automatic spending cuts


The UN-sponsored climate-change talks taking place in Durban, South Africa, have one primary goal. What is it?

Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions


Entice the United States to sign onto the Kyoto Protocols


Require developing nations to take more responsibility for emissions control


Change the climate to something a bit more pleasant


Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez repatriated a shipment of precious cargo. What was it?

Meso-American art and artifacts


Gold ingots


Priceless recordings of 1920s-era "joropo" music


Christopher Columbus artifacts from his third voyage to the New World in 1498


Worms may be the first travelers to Mars. Why on earth is that?

They could shed light on how humans might fare on such a trip


They have such minimal life-sustaining requirements


They seem to adapt well to microgravity environments


A poll found they would elicit the fewest complaints from animal-rights activists


The United Nations warned that the rebellion against Syria's Bashar al-Assad now teeters on civil war. How many are estimated to have died in the uprising?