The Monitor's weekly news quiz for May 27-June 3, 2011

How closely do you follow the news? Test your knowledge – from the obvious to the obscure – with our photo quiz.

Former Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic faces an 11-count indictment for his involvement in the Balkan war (1991-95). What was his plea before the International Criminal Court?



Not Guilty


No contest




What is one human-rights activist offering illegal migrants crossing US-Mexican border?

GPS units


Flashlights and Bibles


A ride




Why are these Spaniards eating cucumbers?

They are celebrating a banner harvest


They are participating in a new diet fad


They are environmentalists promoting vegetarianism


They are protesting lost sales due to an E. coli scare


Where did Mitt Romney announce his second run for President of the United States?

A Detroit auto plant


A New Hampshire farm


A truck stop in Iowa


A hardware store in Utah


As Republicans in the US House of Representatives demanded an explanation for America's military involvement in Libya, what did NATO announce about the operation?

That it would extend its mission for three months


That it would specifically target Muammar Qaddafi


That the US had agreed to send helicopter gunships


That unmanned, missile-equipped drones would begin to operate 24/7


While the US housing market overall headed downward again, home prices are went up in some places. Which of these markets showed the highest rise in median home prices?

Washington, D.C.


Anchorage, Alaska


Fort Myers-Cape Coral, Fla.


Tyler, Texas


An American Muslim, jailed for 16 days under harsh conditions but never charged with a crime, sued former US Attorney General John Ashcroft. What did the US Supreme Court decide?

It remanded the case to a lower court


It found Mr. Ashcroft in violation of the plaintiff's civil rights


It told the plaintiff that he had no recourse against the former Attorney General


Citing national security concerns, the court sealed the case


What is Illinois's latest proposed solution to its huge budget crisis?

Expansion of legalized gambling


Raising state taxes on corporations


A one-time income-tax surcharge


Tax pet ownership


Why is Space Shuttle Endeavour's name spelled with a "u"?

It was named after Charles Darwin's ship


It was named for an obscure 1950s comic-book character


It was the winning name in a national contest


Oops! Typo.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the US economy created the fewest number of jobs since September 2010. To what do experts attribute the slowdown?

Afteraffects from Japan's earthquake and tsunami


Rising oil and food prices


Lack of agreement in Congress over raising the budget ceiling


All those and more, depending on whom you ask