Masters green jacket and other distinct uniforms: Take our colorful sports fashion quiz

An annual highlight of the Masters tournament occurs when the new champion slips into the winner’s green jacket, one of the most iconic articles of clothing in all of sports. Test your knowledge of this and other sports attire by taking this 25-question quiz.

How did Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club come to select green jackets as the winner’s garb?

Green jackets match the emerald color of the course.


Green jackets are associated with the club’s exclusive membership.


A green jacket was the choice of the club’s Irish-born president.


An Augusta, Ga., clothier had a sale on green jackets.


Which pro league has uniform inspectors assigned to watch games in order to report on violations of the league’s dress code?

Major League Baseball


Major League Soccer


National Football League


National Hockey League


What item of clothing that became a personal trademark did retired college basketball coach Bob Knight sell at auction for $4,500?

Wingtip shoes




Sports jacket


Plaid slacks


Each year the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s new inductees are fitted with what color blazers?





Navy blue




Each season the San Diego Padres honor the many military service members based in the city by playing a game in what attire?

Camouflage jerseys


Combat boots


Uniforms decorated with stars and stripes


Admiral caps


In 1985 , American tennis player Anne White shook up staid Wimbledon by wearing what onto the court?



A bodysuit


Black hightop sneakers


A strapless top


One of the most unusual uniforms from Major League Baseball’s double-knit era of the 1970s was worn by the Houston Astros. What made it stand out?

Small wings on either side of the cap


A two-tone jersey that was different colors front and back


Checkerboard-patterned pants


A large swath of horizontal rainbow stripes


In which sport do the athletes wear singlets?

Track and field








What reportedly was the reason the Dallas Cowboys began bucking NFL tradition in 1964 by wearing white rather than colored jerseys for home games?

The Cowboys wanted to project a good-guy, “white-hat” image.


The Cowboys wanted visiting teams to show off their different colored jerseys.


The Cowboys discovered they won more games wearing white jerseys.


The Cowboys felt white jerseys would be cooler in Texas heat.


True or false? Shorts cannot be worn by golfers on the PGA Tour.







Which NFL team wears the plainest, most unadorned helmets, with only center stripes and no logos or team insignias?

New York Giants


Chicago Bears


Arizona Cardinals


Cleveland Browns


In baseball, what is a “rally cap”?

A backup cap worn by players desperate to snap a batting slump


A propeller-topped beanie popular in major-league bullpens


A batting helmet


A cap worn inside-out by fans and players in the dugout


What football uniform innovation popularized in the 1970s has since been outlawed?


Teflon-coated football pants


Rubber helmets


Tear-away jerseys


Flip-up face masks


The Chicago White Sox, led by maverick owner Bill Veeck, introduced what short-lived fashion to baseball in 1976?

Orange shoes


Jumpsuit-style uniforms




Silk robes for pitchers in the bullpen


When Mike Nolan coached the San Francisco 49ers from 2005 to 2008, he petitioned the NFL in order to wear what on the sidelines?

A sun visor


A suit and tie


Bermuda shorts


A cowboy range coat


Today’s hockey goalies outdo themselves in decorating their masks. How did former Boston Bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers modestly start the trend in the 1970s?

He painted a skull and crossbones on his mask.


He applied a team logo on either side of his mask.


He painted black stitches to show where pucks hit his white mask.


He made his mask look like a jack-o’-lantern for a Halloween game.


When slugger Ted Kluszewski played for the Cincinnati Reds in the 1950s, how did he famously alter his uniform?

He cut off the sleeves at the shoulder.


He put holes in it for air circulation.


He wrote his signature in large letters on the back.


He wore high-top sneakers instead of baseball cleats.


Which college football team has been the trend setter in creating many different uniform variations, with reportedly 80 or more combinations?

Texas A&M


University of Oregon




Penn State


What article of clothing is traditionally worn by the stage winners and the champion of cycling’s Tour de France?

A houndstooth cap


Polka dot racing shorts


A neon bodysuit


A yellow jersey


True or false? In swimming, competitors are allowed to wear bodysuits.







In which sport are the officials referred to as “zebras” for their black-and-white striped shirts?









Which Major League Baseball team uses an Olde English letter on its jerseys?

Philadelphia Phillies


Detroit Tigers


Baltimore Orioles


Chicago Cubs


What college football team wears helmets virtually identical to the iconic winged helmets made famous by the University of Michigan?







Wake Forest


What basketball Hall of Famer is credited with making baggy shorts fashionable?

Michael Jordan


Larry Bird


Wilt Chamberlain


Charles Barkley


Why is Columbus, Ohio’s, entry in the National Hockey League called the Blue Jackets?

Blue jackets are traditionally worn by Ohio state legislators.


Blue jackets are a kind of wasp found around Columbus.


Blue jackets allude to the city’s connections to river and glacial waters.


Blue jackets celebrate the city’s rich Civil War history.