Dallas Cowboys: America’s so-so team? A Week 4 NFL Quiz

The Chicago Bears looked like a far more serious Super Bowl contender than Dallas Monday night in beating the Cowboys 34-18. It was yet another game underscoring Dallas’s march toward mediocrity over the last six years. What do you know about the play of the team’s starting quarterback and other developments during Week 4 of the NFL season? Take this 12-question quiz.

In Monday’s loss to the Chicago Bears, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions. What is the team’s winning percentage since his first full season as the starter in 2007?









Although Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan has led the Falcons to a 4-0 record, what made Sunday’s 30-28 win over the Carolina Panthers a bumpy ride for him?

He threw four interceptions.


He was sacked seven times.


He was responsible for 60 yards in penalties.


He was fined $5,000 for taunting an opponent.


Which team owner, who played on Columbia University’s lightweight football team, is among the nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013?

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys


Pat Bowlen of the Denver Broncos


Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts


Robert Kraft of the New New England Patriots


With a 19-17 loss Sunday, the reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants have now lost eight of their last nine matchups against which rival?

Dallas Cowboys


Washington Redskins


Philadelphia Eagles


Chicago Bears


When the NFL’s regular officials got back into action in last Thursday’s Baltimore-Cleveland game, what happened that was unusual?

The referee forgot to bring a coin for the pregame coin toss.


The crew working the game received a standing ovation.


The league presented each official with a new iPhone as a sign of appreciation.


The players raised their helmets in a collective salute to the officials.


The New Orleans Saints, now 0-4, desperately miss suspended coach Sean Payton. How much longer must he sit out for his failure to blow the whistle on his team’s “bounty” scandal?

4 games


8 games


The remainder of the season


All of 2012 and 2013


In losing to the surprising Minnesota Vikings (3-1), the Detroit Lions (1-3) became the first team since at least 1940 to “achieve” what dubious distinction?

They lost five fumbles in game.


They gave up a kickoff and a punt return for TDs for a second straight week.


They were penalized more yards than they had in total offense.


They were fined for suiting up players not listed on the roster


A vote by the Los Angeles City Council signing off on a new downtown stadium opens the door for NFL football to return to L.A. How many years has it been without a team?

8 years


12 years


17 years


25 years


True or false? The Buffalo Bills, who are off to an 0-4 start, are the only NFL team with an 0-4 record in the Super Bowl?







After the Jets got shellacked by the 49ers, 34-0, what did backup quarterback Tim Tebow say?

He said he wanted to be a good teammate and encourage his fellow Jets.


He said he deserved a chance to be the starting QB.


He said public expectations for the team were too high.


He guaranteed that the 2-2 Jets would make the playoffs.


The Dallas Cowboys opened what new store inside Cowboys Stadium before Monday night’s game?

Home Depot


Apple Store


Victoria's Secret PINK store


Neiman Marcus


Brett Favre, the former quarterback of the Packers, Jets, and Vikings, is still in football, but in what capacity?

Commissioner of the Arena Football League


Quarterbacks coach at Notre Dame


Scout with the NFL Packers


Assistant coach with a Mississippi high school