NFL weekly news quiz: Coughlin and Cam in the headlines

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin got upset at the end of his team's win over the Buccaneers. Meanwhile, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continues his NFL education. To review some of the key developments during the first two weeks of the season, try taking this 10-question pop quiz.

At the end of the New York Giants’ 41-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, what so outraged Giants head coach Tom Coughlin that he lit into Bucs coach Greg Schiano when they met at midfield?

The Buccaneers taunted Giants.


Tampa Bay called two timeouts rather than let the Giants kill the last seconds.


The Buccaneers crashed into the Giants backfield when New York quarterback El Manning was kneeling down to run out the clock.


The Bucs refused to shake hands after the game.


Behind rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall draft pick, the Indianapolis Colts beat Minnesota, 23-20, giving them a 1-1 record. How many weeks did it take for the Colts to win their first game last season?

8 weeks


10 weeks


14 weeks


15 weeks


Carolina’s dual-threat quarterback Cam Newton, last season’s Rookie of the Year, had his biggest rushing day as a pro in the Panthers’ 35-27 win over the Saints on Sunday. How many yards did he gain?

56 yards


71 yards


93 yards


114 yards


A day after Troy Brown was inducted into the Patriots’ Hall of Fame, which player overtook him as New England’s all-time career reception leader?

Rob Gronkowski


Wes Welker


Aaron Hernandez


Danny Woodhead


Why did the National Football League remove Brian Stropolo, a replacement official, from the officiating crew assigned to work Sunday’s Saints-Panthers game?

He broke a curfew for NFL officials.


He failed to pass a weekly officiating exam.


He was discovered to be a Saints fan.


He refused to take a mandatory physical.


Two weeks into the NFL season, what league-wide record has been set?

Most total points


Most pass completions


Most teams with a 1-1 record


Most penalty yards


Although the Giants’ Eli Manning joined the 500-yard passing club Sunday by leading New York to a come-from-behind victory over Tampa Bay, he did not break the record for passing yards in a game set by what Rams quarterback in 1951?

Norm Van Brocklin


Bob Waterfield


Bill Wade


Roman Gabriel


Arizona has won nine of its last 11 games, going back to 2011, by six points or fewer, with four of the wins coming in overtime. Who was the team’s quarterback last Sunday when they beat the Patriots, 20-18?

Matt Leinart


Kevin Kolb


Kurt Warner


John Skelton


In his first two regular-season games with the New York Jets, how many passes has Tim Tebow thrown?









What item have the Dallas Cowboys started merchandising after fans saw it used in owner Jerry Jones’s luxury box?





Eyeglass cleaning cloth


Ice cream maker